My Evening Pamper Routine

Hi everyone :) Getting ready to celebrate New Years tonight? I'll be doing that after I finish this blog post. I love this celebration; watching the fireworks on TV at midnight and having a good night with friends and family :) 
Today I thought I would share my pamper routine with you which I aim to do at least once a week; normally on the weekend because it is very easy to get caught up with everything and forget that your body needs to be looked after in order to keep up! So on this evening I do everything that I think should be done to leave your body feeling pampered and leave you feeling relaxed as well :)

  • Firstly I get my little jug of juice to have whilst I'm in the bath. On this occasion it was the Pink Grapefruit juice from Morrison's.
  • I then tie my hair up in a bun so that it doesn't get wet or covered in bubbles.
  • I then take off my make-up and start running the bath so that it is filled up when I am ready to get in.
  • As it is filling up, I add the bubbles - (Imperial Leather 'Love Story' pampering bath cream), and the bathing salts - (BHS bathing salts) 

  • After that, I use the Garnier Exfo-Brusher wash to cleanse my face.
  • I then get some of the Boots Cucumber skin freshener on a cotton wool pad and gently apply it to my face.
  • Then it is time for the face mask - (7th Heaven Cucumber peel-off mask) which I leave on for 20-25 minutes.

  • I then light my candles, normally 3 - one scented; and put on one of my spotify playlists on a low volume as background music.

  • I then get in and relax to the music for a bit, with the water not too hot, but warm enough to start relaxing the muscles.

  • It is then time to wash your body. First I use the Beauticology mango & mandarin scrub which I apply with my hands and then rinse off.
  • I then use the soft sponge thing (don't know their proper name haha) and apply shower gel - (The Body Shop Wild Argon Oil) which smells so nice! Then i wash that off.

  • I then get out of the bath and take the face mask off. Next, I apply my face moisturiser - (Simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser) which you leave to soak in.
  • Then I moisturise the rest of my body with the E45 endless moisture cream.
  • I then get into my PJ's, which for this night was my blue and pink playsuit.

  • Before it is time to relax in bed, I cut my nails and file them etc, and then apply my Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Treatment.
  • Then I apply my No7 Lash&Brow Protector, which is basically a conditioner for your lashes and eyebrows :) 
  • Finally, I get my little red tin and apply some lip balm.

  • I then grab some snacks, a cup of tea and a movie and jump into my freshly made bed :)
  • After all of that, it is time to get some sleep as a decent nights sleep consists of 8 hours at least.

 Hope you liked going through my pamper routine, you should definitely give it a try and add any of your own twists to it, so that your body is getting the care and attention it needs :)

Enjoy your New Year's activities everyone, and I shall see you in 2016.


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