Review: 7th Heaven Peel-Off Face Masks

If you love a bit of 'me time' and like to put on face masks and just chill watching a movie or sitting in the bath, then you will enjoy this review post :) 
One day like a year ago, I was in Boots just picking up a few bits when I spotted these colourful little packets hanging up in one of the aisles. I decided to pick one up and give it a go that evening as I had never had a face mask before but the idea of a quick peel-off one sounded good to me! 
I have been using these ever since then; my favourite being the Cucumber one. Since I love them so much, I thought I would get my opinions onto my blog so that you guys could try them too.

The company that makes these are Montagne Jeunesse and they are the 7th Heaven face masks. 
There are a few types of masks to choose from that suit all skin types. On their website, you can answer 3 questions about your skin and what you want to get out of it and they will recommend the types that are best suited for you. I have normal/oily skin so they recommended the Mud and Peel-Off masks to me :) If you want to try this little quiz out then this is the webpage: Which Facemask?

Peel-Off Masks

I have only tried these masks from their range so far, but I love them. When you open the packet, a thick liquid is inside which you spread evenly across your face. Trust me, there is more than enough in one packet for your whole face as I find that if you layer too much on then it doesn't fully dry within the 20 minutes, making it still gooey when you are trying to peel it off, therefore it doesn't work as well. So just put a thin layer all over your face, keeping well away from your eyes, lips and hair, then just relax whilst it does its magic :)

As you are laying there relaxing for about 20 minutes, you can feel the masks becoming tighter on your face as it dries. It is such a weird but oddly satisfying feeling haha :') 
When you are finished, just simply peel off the mask and then splash your face with water and apply your moisturiser etc. You can actually see all the dead skin cells come off on the mask, so it definitely works! 

After I have had one of these masks on, my face feels 100 times cleaner than it did before as I feel like the mask has given it a really deep clean. It is also softer and a lot more radiant, as well as feeling more fresh! This is why I love these, as they are so simple to put on and take off, they are only on for 20 minutes and you can actually see the work that it has done! 

There are so many different ones to choose from, but as you can see I have picked up the Hanuka Honey, Cucumber, Passion and Tea Tree ones :) 
I have tried the passion and cucumber ones before, but I am really looking forward to trying the others! Each one is made from different natural ingredients which I find amazing as it means that they are all for different purposes. Some help with freshness and to remove dirt and grime, others help to give a deep clean and protect your skin. So you can definitely find what you are looking for :) 

They recommend that you use one of these face masks each week so that your skin is kept feeling healthy and clean, and as Boots sell them for only £1, they are very affordable! :) 

Different Types Of Masks:

  • Mud Masks - For the ultimate deep cleanse
  • Peel-Off Masks - To instantly purify and refine
  • Sauna (Self Heat) Masks - Self-heat to instantly open pores and hydrate
  • Exfoliating Masks - For a polished glow and a pore deep cleanse
  • Fabric Serum Infused Masks - To instantly revive: refresh and refine skin
  • Fabric Clay Infused Masks - For the ultimate mess free beauty boost

As you can see, there are loads of different types to choose from, with each type containing loads of masks of different scents or uses! Just check out their website: 7th Heaven, to find the ones that suit you! I highly recommend these as I just love them so much and I love how you can actually see the results! Plus they are really cheap haha :') 

This company uses all natural ingredients and are against animal testing. This means that you know you can trust these products and all of the information is on their website. They also do products for other places on your body such as your hair, eye and nose, body and feet. So definitely give them a try! 

Just to say, no-body has asked me to do this review; I am just showing you guys something that I love using as that I think you would too :) I hope that these products are something you would be interested in giving a go, or maybe you already have! 

I have to get ready for work I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! I may actually put one of these masks on later haha :') 



  1. They look very interesting, great post Paula :) x

    1. Thankyouu! They are really good masks :') x

  2. I always see these in stores and I was curious about how they worked! They sound fun, I might have to pick some up. The Manuka Honey one caught my eye x

    1. They are so nice, especially for the price :) Yeahh it caught my eye too x

  3. I see these in every store around here! I've never tried them because my skin is extremely sensitive to new products, but seeing as you rave about these so much, I may have to test it out. They are so bright and eye-catching, aren't they? I'm a new reader and adore your blog. Keep it up, Paula!

    1. I have sensitive skin too and these are alright for me :) and yeahh they are, that's why I picked them up all that time ago :') Aww thankyouu! x

  4. I've always loved their masks, especially as they're so affordable! xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie


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