Maybelline: Lash Sensational vs. Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara

Maybelline have brought out a new version of the Lash Sensational mascara and since I LOVE the first one, I was really excited to give it a try as I figured that it would be a new and improved version of the product that I am already obsessed with. After now trying both mascaras, I have decided to do this post so that you guys can hear about my thoughts and the differences that I found between the two :)

Okayy, so first things first is the packaging. Maybelline have decided to keep the same style for this version, but switch the colours around. I guess this is just so that you can distinguish between the two. I do like the black packaging more as I feel the pink writing stands out and it just looks more elegant on the whole. So, so far so good. 

The next thing that I noticed immediately is the change of the shape of the brush. 
The original one is curved with one side having longer bristles that help to separate every lash and coat them evenly, and the other side with shorter ones which I found helpful when coating the bottom lashes. The curve allows the brush to follow the shape of your eyelid so that you don't touch your nose or get mascara all over your face which I sometimes did with straighter brushes haha. It also helps to really fan out your lashes so they have more volume and bring out your eyes more. 
Now, the new brush is straight with it getting thinner towards the tip. This helps when coating lashes of different lengths; however I feel like the loss of the curved brush was a bit of a step back. Also, I noticed that this brush is really flimsy, as in it bends as you are applying the mascara to the point where I am afraid that it is going to break off! The quality here is definitely not as good as the original one I have to say. Also, the loss of the longer bristles was also a bit of a shame as I found that really useful when coating my outer and longer lashes. 

Now for the actual application of the product. 
With the lash sensational mascara, I found that the whole application process was really quick and simple. You could coat as many layers as you liked and it just added more volume and thickened the lashes for a darker look which had more impact; without any clumps! This was perfect and probably my favourite thing about this mascara. It dried really quickly and didn't flake off or feel too heavy on my lashes. I loved it! 
Now, with the luscious version, it is a whole different ball game. As soon as you apply one coat, the product feels really wet and as though you have put about 100 coats on at the same time. It literally never dries so it is constantly rubbing off onto your clothes or your eyelids etc. I just find this whole experience really hard work! Your lashes clump and stick together so your nails get covered in black as you try you help separate them and then when you have finally sorted that, your lashes feel really heavy and uncomfortable as the product is just so thick! Literally, half way through the day I was getting so frustrated with it that I had to take it off. 

So I have learnt that new does not mean improved at all. Although the packaging is so much nicer and more elegant in my opinion; do not be fooled! Maybelline have definitely not been able to top their amazing Lash Sensational mascara yet.

So, after just one try of this new product, I have gone straight back to the one that I know and love :) 

I hope that this comparison has helped if you have been thinking of giving this mascara a go. I would say that it isn't worth the money or the switch as the original one is just so much better :) 

If you guys have tried this or are still going to then let me know what you thought/think! 



  1. I've been wanting to try the Lash Sensational forever and I'm so glad you recommend it! I'll be sure to let you know what I think of it!

    1. The original is such a good mascara! Yes definitely :) hope you like it x

  2. I've seen so many review on both of these lately. I honestly have to say I agree with you. I just prefer the original because it does the job better :)

    1. It definitely does, I have gone back to the original one now :') x

  3. I love the layout of your blog & This blogpost was so clear and well-written! Loved it! :)

    -Timon |

  4. Wow, so sorry to hear that this mascara didn't work out for you, hun! I find that happens a lot whenever brands release new, 'improved' versions of things... This one sounds like such a disappointment! It's good that you like the original though, I've heard such fab things about it but never tried it myself. :) <3 Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts, hun. x


    1. Yeahh so am I haha, ahh well, at least they still stock their original ay! You should give it a go :) It's probably my favourite x

  5. I picked up the Luscious version too but definitely had my misgivings about the concept confirmed - I far prefer the original too!

    Jasmine xx

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    1. Ahh glad you agree and it's not just me having bad luck with it haha xx


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