Juggling Work, A Blog And A Social Life

We all know that life can sometimes catch up on us and we find ourselves too busy to see friends and family or to update our blogs and stay connected. Over the past few months I have finally found my perfect routine so that I can juggle everything and never neglect my three most important things; work, my blog and my social life. This obviously works if you go to school or college instead of work too :')
I figured that everyone can sometimes find that they haven't got time for things, so I thought that I would share my tips and what I do to make sure that I find a balance :)

Make Lists

I really underestimated the power of lists! I mean, I have always loved making them, but I never really made them for organisation purposes. So, now I write a list of everything that I need to do each day and sometimes write times so that I keep to a schedule so that everything gets done. 
I find lists to be really practical and also satisfying when you get to tick something off. If I write lists, it almost motivates me to get everything done on time haha; very useful things! 

Schedule Posts

Whenever I finish a shift early or I have a day off and I have no plans, I do a few posts at a time and schedule them. This means that posts automatically upload whilst you are out or doing whatever you are doing. 
I find that this has saved me so much time as I get into a rhythm and complete like 5 posts in a short space of time. I also feel like it gives me extra days off where I can go and see my friends and not worry about leaving massive gaps between blog posts. It also helps as I can work around my shifts and write posts when I have the time! :) 

Plan Posts In Advance

This is a bit like scheduling posts, but basically, I have a diary (the Life Book in the photo above), which has a grid calendar section. Each square is a different day of the month and this is spread across a double page. I find these to be perfect for seeing the whole month planned out instead of having to flick through pages and pages if each day is separated. 
What I do is I plan out all my posts for the next month by writing the title and a little note for what I want to write about or what photos I want to include. 
This means that I can write chunks of posts at a time as all my ideas are ready and I don't have to spend ages trying to think of things. This has therefore saved me so much time and has allowed me to relax and go out more! 

Have A Diary

All you need is a little pocket diary like my blue one above, and you are all set and organised for the whole year! 
If you have a diary, you can write what shifts you have or what homework is due when, any days or nights out with friends or family and what posts need to be up when. This way, you can plan when posts need to be written and when other jobs can be done. This is basically the perfect way to manage your time and you will find that your life is a little less of a mess haha :') 

Colour Coding

Does anyone else find this super useful? I find that highlighting things or writing things in different colours can really help you to prioritise your jobs and therefore help you to manage your time. As you can see, I have invested in a mini pack of highlighters and a multi-coloured pen to help me with this. The colours brighten up my pages which helps me to complete tasks for some reason haha, and also helps me to complete important jobs first, so that nothing is left too late! :)

So, those are basically my ways to help organise and prioritise my time and tasks, which enables me to have a balance between my job, my blog and my friends and family! I hope that this helps you if you ever find that you are rushing or stressing to get things done. 

If you have any other tips then feel free to let me know! They could help me even more :') 



  1. These are all fantastic tips - I do actually struggle to get the balance right between work, life and my blog. I have a weekly desk planner and currently split it to note which block each task fits under but I think I might try your colour coding idea instead and just highlight which is which! :) x

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    1. It has really helped me, plus it makes things stand out more :) Glad you found it helpful! x

  2. These tips are all so helpful, so I will keep them in mind this school year! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Love your posts! http://carolineko.blogspot.de/2016/07/liebster-award.html#.V4YEr5OLSLI


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