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Have you ever had one of those Friday nights where you have to go out to the pub with friends or to a party etc, straight after work? I have, so many times! I have had to go to places wearing formal attire and then had to run and get changed into another outfit in the toilets which meant having to carry around a massive bag all day. After a while I figured out how to wear the same outfits but alter them slightly so that they suited both occasions, which has honestly helped me so much haha. 
Today I am going to create a "Fit for Friday" look for both men and women; finding the perfect outfit ideas that you can wear both to work and then to the pub afterwards, without the crazy and awkward change in the toilets haha :) 

Men - Desk Outfit

So basically, for men I thought that traditionally you would wear a suit for an office job or formal occasion. So that meant a suit, shirt, tie, cufflinks, shoes, belt and a nice watch. I have found some good examples on TM Lewin's site as they have a really nice range of suits and other formal wear, if you guys want to check them out! :) 

Lorus Silver Watch - Debenhams

Men - Drinks Outfit

For going to the pub after a long week, you want to feel relaxed and be less formal. So, I would lose the suit jacket and the tie, unbutton the first couple of buttons and roll the sleeves up. Already this is a lot more casual, and you can show off the watch a bit more haha :') Also, if it isn't summer and you need a jacket, I would go for something like this leather biker one above as it is cool, casual and goes well with the rest of the outfit! 

This is kind of what I was getting at with my idea for men. As you can see, the formal outfit is a proper suit with a tie, then the casual look shows that he has lost the jacket and tie, rolled up the sleeves and unbuttoned the first couple of buttons. Just by making these few changes, the whole look has been transformed, without the need to take a massive bag of clothes to work! :) 

Women - Desk Outfit

For women I have chosen to be quite minimal with the accessories and lipstick colour. You need to be professional and that means not wearing massive hoop earrings and bright red or purple lipsticks. I feel like short heels are elegant, classy and perfect for a desk job, and stud earrings are subtle but also quite pretty; not too much. I feel like a medium sized black bag is most appropriate for formal occasions and atmospheres, with a nice suit jacket to finish off the look. Again, I have found some examples online if you need any inspiration! :)

Women - Drinks Outfit

I feel like for women it is a little harder to alter a look, especially if you wear a dress, as there isn't really anything to remove like with men who have a tie etc. But, just by changing your make-up look and switching some accessories, you have the perfect pub outfit, straight from the office. So, as you can see, I changed the lipstick colour to a much more vibrant red; a colour perfect for partying and getting noticed. I also swapped the blazer for a casual and relaxed leather jacket. I also swapped the big work bag for a dainty and night-life orientated clutch bag. Also, if you wanted to go all-out and glam up a bit more, you could put on some false lashes to complete the pub look :)

Lashes - Superdrug
Black Beaded Hoops - New Look

These two looks also have completely different looks, even though I have only changed the tiniest details. For the more formal one, I have added a nice and elegant blazer which makes it look formal and professional. For the pub look, I have just changed this jacket for a black shrug which I think I bought from BooHoo. These are perfect for summer months, when you don't want to be wearing a denim or leather jacket. But, as you can see, changing the formal jacket to a more casual one alters the way the whole outfit looks! I also removed the little belt that comes with that dress, as I feel belts make an outfit look more formal, and I feel like letting the dress flow made it a lot more suited for the pub or bar scene :) 

I hope that my tips have been helpful and that you guys can rummage through your wardrobes to find outfits that you can style in different ways, for different occasions. I mean, who wants to be running home to get changed when they could be out already on their second drink haha? 

Enjoy your weekend! :)



  1. Such an original post! Loved this and there are some lovely outfits you chose!
    Grace xx

  2. Love this post Paula. Cool ideas. Will try them soon.

    1. Thankyouu :') Definitely, I do it all the time now haha


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