How Much Is My Face Worth?

I have seen this post dotted around the internet and I absolutely love reading them! I think they are so amusing; seeing how much people spend on one make-up look, so I thought it would be fun to see how much I spend :)
I haven't actually worked out the total yet, so I will be searching around online for these products (which will mostly be from Superdrug haha), and then I will list them below and work out the total at the end! 

I am basing this off of my normal every-day make-up look as I do tend to switch the products that I use for different types of occasion, so I thought I would stick to the one that I do the most. 

So, let's see how much my face is worth shall we...

Eye Lash Curler - £1.59

Total - £114.54

To be honest, looking at the amount of products that I actually use, I thought my total would have been more than that haha; I think I have done quite well! 
I tend to stay with drug store brands as they are cheaper, and then go for more high end brands as a little treat or if I get products as presents. I am starting to buy more expensive products now that I am earning a bit more money haha, so I may have to do an updated version of this post before long :') But for now, this is the amount that I spend on my every-day make-up look! 

Thank goodness that these products last quite a while - right?! :')

I hope that you guys enjoyed learning about the silly amounts of money I spend, just on make-up! Have a lovely weekend :)



  1. Lovely post, I'm seeing so many of my favourites here! The Stay Matte powder is absolutely awesome and pretty much the only thing that ever works for me, and I adore the look of that highlighter, also! Thanks for sharing, babe x x


    1. Thankyouu :') These are my go-to products haha, I always re-purchase them xx

  2. I loved Rimmel products especially the mono brush and the bronzing powder . They're my favourite products and always re-buy them ❤️👍🏽 (

    1. Same! I love them, especially for such good prices too haha x

  3. I only buy Clinique or MAC products, mine may add up to be a little higher!!x


    1. Haha definitely! I wish I had the money to do that :') x


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