Summer Playlist 2016

Summer is the time for BBQs, parties and days out in the sun. That means that music will be played and that is why I have created a Spotify playlist with all of my favourite summer tunes; both old and new. 
Spotify is a really good app to use to get all of your favourite songs at a very small price. I actually use it all the time because I switched to an Android phone and couldn't really be bothered to switch from iTunes to google music or whatever it is haha. But anyways, here is my playlist: 

Yes, some of these songs are a few years old now but I still get that summery vibe from them so I had to add them! I love creating playlists for different occasions, which is probably why I am always in charge of music at gatherings etc. 
I am into music that gets you going and puts you in a good mood, so these are mostly pop style songs with a good beat and lyrics you can sing along to. Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to listening to other people's playlists this summer :)


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