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There are many days where I am lacking confidence because maybe I didn't have time to do my hair properly or my make-up didn't go well, or maybe it is just one of those days. However, there are things that we can all do to boost our confidence and make us feel a lot happier and less anxious about what we look like or what other people are thinking. 


I feel like this is the most important point as if you are not being hygienic then you most likely don't smell very nice and you probably don't look very clean. Even after a long day at work I start to feel less confident as I have been running around all day and I just feel like I need to shower before I can start to feel better. The photo above are the main hygiene products that I could think of that can help you feel clean and fresh, and therefore more confident. 
Toothpaste - If you have clean teeth and fresh breath then you will feel 100 times better as your teeth are one of the first things people will notice, and when you speak, you don't really want to be having bad breath! 
Deodorant - This product is literally a lifesaver for any time of day. It keeps you smelling fresh and therefore you aren't worrying about if there are any dodgy scents coming from under your arms etc haha. I feel that this is an essential confidence booster!
Shower Gel - When you are in the shower, the water is definitely not enough to clean your body. You need a shower gel which is specifically designed to get rid of any bacteria or dirt and make you completely clean again. Shower gel also helps to prevent odours as you are properly cleaning your body. 
Perfume - This isn't really linked to hygiene I know, but I feel like adding a nice scent can really boost your confidence as you know you smell nice. I always wear perfume because without it I really start to freak out more haha.


I feel like this is another important way to become more confident. If you feel sexy on the inside, then you will feel sexy and therefore more confident on the outside. I know that on the days that I wear underwear sets that don't match, I feel a lot less confident than on the days where I wear a nice set like the one above. 


Oh my gosh, my hair is literally something that I go crazy over! If I don't have enough time to do it properly so I have to do a rushed job or leave it un-straightened, then I moan or go on about it all day; check every mirror and generally drive everyone crazy haha. My hair is one of my favourite parts of myself, so when it doesn't look good, that is a massive knock to my confidence. So, taking time with your hair to make it look healthy, clean and not frizzy could definitely help with your confidence. These are some of the products that I use on my hair to make it sit right and look shiny and healthy :)

Skin Care

Taking care of your skin is very important as you want it to be healthy and not dry. Two of my favourite skin care products are the Simple moisturiser and the Body Shop body butters. I feel like they work miracles on my skin and if my skin looks healthy and nourished, then I feel a great deal more confident! 


I always wear make-up. I don't wear it to impress anyone or anything like that; I wear it purely to make myself feel more confident and to allow myself to get on with my day without having to worry if my cheeks are red or if I have really bad circles under my eyes. If I do on the very rare occasion go out without make-up on, then I do keep my head down and freak out in my head, worrying if I will see anyone that I know. So, I feel that foundation, eye liner, mascara and lipstick are my favourite make-up items that I could definitely not live comfortably without. I don't know, this is just something that makes me feel a lot less insecure. 
Also, nail varnish is another product that definitely boosts my confidence. When I get the time off work where I have the opportunity to get my nails done, I feel a lot more girly and glamorous, and therefore more confident!

So yeahh, those are my main areas that help with my self-confidence. Do you have any others that make you feel better or that make you feel less anxious? 



  1. I love this post and there are definitely some real confidence boosters here! I love having freshly painted nails I think it makes such a big difference. I need to invest in more matching sets of underwear, I'm so uncoordinated with them!

    The Makeup Directory

    1. Thankyouu, I'm glad you liked it! Yes, I love my nails all nicely painted too :') And haha so am I don't worry!

  2. Wow, I need to say that this blue underwear set looks so cute! I'd feel like a mermaid wearing that! And I think that wearing perfume makes one feel so much better. Thanks for sharing your tips! xo

    1. Aww thankyouu, I love it! Just reminds me of the sea :') and yes thats why I love perfume so much :) glad you liked the post! x

  3. This post was one of the best ones I've read recently... I think it's really important to feel confident, because others can see that, and you can achieve so much more just by feeling good about yourself :) Your picks are my essentials, too :) But I don't really wear makeup on an everyday basis... Only when I want to feel extra special :) xx


    1. Aww thankyouu that's so nice to know! :') Yes that's exactly why I decided to do this post because when I feel confident, my day just goes so much better :) aww that's good, wish I was brave enough to not wear any xx


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