Mini Break In Eastbourne

I have just had a week off of work, so me and my special someone decided it was about time that we went on another of our mini breaks just to get away from everything and everyone and explore somewhere different for a few days :)
This time we chose to go to Eastbourne. The original destination was going to be Brighton but things didn't quite work out the way we had hoped, so I searched around on Wowcher for a while and found a two-night stay for two in the Shore View hotel in Eastbourne for only £89! Bargain right? Especially for a half term week haha. Literally guys, sites like Wowcher are so good for finding deals on like little trips away or meals out etc; so go and check them out! 

Anyways, yeahh so after that was all booked and the day finally came for us to go, I was rushing around trying to pack and get all ready as per. I think I ended up bringing a mini suitcase, my camera, my laptop, a coat and my handbag haha......for two nights..... :') 
This was my make-up look for basically the whole time we were there; simple, elegant and it went with all of my outfits!  
I decided to pack clothes for different weather conditions as I didn't know what to expect with it being June, but in England haha. So I brought jumpers, tops, jeans and a playsuit. 

As you can tell, there was no sun but it wasn't too cold to be honest. The first day we got to the hotel and just wanted to chill, so we went out and got takeaway chicken which ended up being way too spicy for me, so I ate as much as I could and then kind of gave up haha. Then we basically just lied in the bed and watched TV, playing around on snapchat and all that business haha. The room was lovely; like a Travelodge only cheaper :)

The next day we had to pop to Tesco because I hadn't brought my straighteners so I needed to pick up a cheap pair because it is an essential haha. I thought it would be a great idea to pick the cheapest pair because I already had my GHDs at home so it wasn't worth spending loads of money. Very bad decision. When we got back and I took them out of the box, I was stunned. They literally look like a pair of toy straighteners for a doll! We just laughed as I spent ages straightening the tiniest sections of my hair, for about 20 minutes :') 
We then decided to look around the local area, so we went on a little walk which ended up being 3 hours long! We were just walking round, taking photos and chatting which evidently made time fly by. I love these types of locations by the sea. The air is so much cleaner and it is just so much more peaceful. I also love listening to the waves in the sea which is something that I don't hear that often. 
We then went for food because I'm on antibiotics at the moment which meant that we had to eat three times a day just after I took a tablet. So we went to Wetherspoons and absolutely stuffed ourselves before driving back and chilling in the room for the rest of the evening. 
By the time we got back, we were both so shattered that we watched like one programme on TV and then fell asleep before waking up to Teleshopping haha :')

On our last day we had to be out of the hotel at 11am, which meant getting up early and packing everything which I am definitely not good at haha. Then we had a bit of lunch because of my tablets and decided to go to Brighton to play mini golf :) 
Before that, we decided to lay on the beach for a bit on my new Indian patterned mat which you can see in my first photo because we wanted to take in a bit more of the sea air and the atmosphere before we had to leave. 
When we got to the mini golf place, the guy told us that they couldn't take card so we could go up the lift in the Concorde to get to a cash point. So we were like, okay lets do that. So we walked over to this building which looked like it had been abandoned for about 10 years, tried to turn the door handle which just kept going round and round and peered through the windows until a man opened it and asked if we needed to use the lift. So we said yes and followed him through this empty and deserted night club which definitely looked as if it had gone out of business in the 80s, and walked into the lift. He joined us and we all stood there is a really awkward silence until we got to the top; at which point we walked out and the man slammed the doors shut behind us; leaving us speechless on the pavement for a good 2 minutes. The whole thing was just a weird combination of a horror movie and Alice in Wonderland haha. But anyways, we got cash out, went back down to the mini golf place and played an 18 hole game; which I won 54 to 63! So yes, I walked away pretty proud of myself haha :') 
Before heading home, we had one last meal in the Wetherspoons because they just have the best food. By the time we had finished, it was about 7pm and time to start the car ride home.

Just a few snaps of the food because well, why not ay? 

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my little break away, it was very relaxing and I had a lovely time :) Cannot wait for the next one! 



  1. it seems you had a amazing time! x

    jess x |

    1. Yes I did thankyouu! :) It was a lovely little break x

  2. Ohh lovely this looks wonderful. Sounds like you had such an amazing time. I love your pictures, so precious. So glad I found your gorgeous blog ^_^

    Katie // Words By Katie

    1. Aww thankyouu :') Yes I had such a good time and I love your blog photos too. Just read your London Day 1 post, I hope you have gone on or are going to go on the London Eye! Such amazing photography opportunities :) x

  3. Eastbourne looks wonderful! I love the way you write and your photos look so professional. Love your blog 💕 Can't wait to see more of your posts in future!

    1. It is a gorgeous place :') aww thankyouu! Your's is really cute too :) x


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