My Perfume Collection

Another post where I show you my collection of something; this time being my perfumes. I wear perfume every day, I love it and I like to smell a bit sweeter than I would with just deodorant haha. People at work tell me how they know I have arrived because they can smell the perfume that I am wearing as I wear the same one to work every day haha. 
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So basically I'm going to write down the perfume names in a list and I'll recommend my favourites as well. I have to say, I don't remember the names of all of them but I will give it a go!

In No Particular Order:

  • Laurelle Parfums - loves me... loves me not...
  • Justin Bieber - Someday
  • Bohemia
  • Ted Baker body spray
  • Fine Perfumery - FP8140
  • Lancome Treson - In Love
  • Lancome Treson - Midnight Rose
  • Charlie - Pink
  • Burberry - Weekend
  • Florentyna
  • Lancome - Miracle
  • The Body Shop - Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • Avril Lavigne - Black Star
  • Together Forever
  • Victoria's Secret - Pure Seduction
  • Laurelle Parfums - Disco
  • Alma de Canarias
  • Next - Sapphire
  • Marc Jacobs - Daisy
  • Autograph - New York
  • Just Pink - Sparkle
  • Estee Lauder - Pleasures

Wow, I think I got all of them because the ones I didn't know had little labels on the bottom. I have a fussy approach when it comes to perfumes. It is hard to find one I like and by the time that I do, my nose is sore from sniffing all of the little tester strips that I picked up. But this is my collection so far; a mixture of random perfumes from holidays or as presents and some more expensive ones. I will give you three of my favourite ones so that you can go and try them out if you wish :)

Lancome Treson - Midnight Rose

This is my all time favourite perfume. I think I have gone through at least 3 bottles since I found it and this is the one that I always wear to work. It stands out so that people can smell it as soon as you walk into a room which is something that I like. It isn't a harsh smell though; it is easy on the nose and just smells gorgeous. It is also quite affordable too which is always good if you go through them quickly like me :')

Burberry - Weekend

This is my going-out perfume. So when I am going to a posh restaurant or to like a theatre or something then I will put this on as it is a more professional and sophisticated scent. It smells just as good as the Midnight Rose even though they are completely different. This one also stands out when you walk into a room; so people can instantly tell it's you who smells nice haha. This one is a bit more expensive and I preferred their frosted glass bottle but ahh well ay, it's a lovely scent.

Justin Bieber - Someday

I'm sure a lot of you have tried this haha, but I would say this is another top one for me as it is a more summery scent so it is nice to wear during the day or on holiday. It isn't as strong as the other two and seems to wear off more so you have to top it up after a few hours, but it does smell lovely and sweet. I am on my second bottle of this so you can tell how much I wear it! This is probably the cheapest of the three, so if you want a new summery scent on a budget then this is the one to go for.

So that is my collection so far; I am always reading blog posts to find any new ones that everyone is loving at the moment so that I can go and try them out, so I hope that this post has been helpful in any way haha. I do love perfume, I think it makes you stand out and just adds that extra bit of confidence.


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