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A few days ago I was contacted by the lovely brand Boutique Of Molly via twitter because they had seen my blog and wanted to work with me and wanted me to try and review some of their items. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity as I looked at their site and oh my gosh, I literally loved it all! Stylish, colourful and perfect for Summer; which also turned out to be great timing as I needed to start picking up bits for my holiday haha. 

So here is my mini haul of the pieces that I chose to buy and review. Obviously all opinions are my own! :) 

'Sarah' Off The Shoulder Playsuit

Price: £34.95

I love this playsuit. I think in general this style is perfect for Summer, just lazing around or for little day trips. They are cute and stylish and this one really caught my eye. 
First of all I love the colours! White reflects the heat so you won't boil in this haha, and the little blue tassels just add a Greek feel to it which I love. The material is very good quality so I won't be worried about it ripping or getting destroyed during the day. It is also quite light so you won't get all hot and sweaty in it haha. I also like how it doesn't cling to you anywhere; it gives you breathing space which I think is ideal for Summer! It also is a nice length too as I feel conscious if clothes are a bit too short; but this is perfect for me. 
I am really looking forward to wearing this one as I only have one other playsuit at the moment and I just think it will be perfect for the Gran Canaria climate! :) 

'Sia' Slinky Lace Jumpsuit

Price: £29.95

This is probably my favourite out of the three items! I love jumpsuits as I feel like you can wear them out during the day, or to dinner in the evening; they are so versatile! :) 
When I saw this on their website I was like oh my gosh this is gorgeous! I love the contrast between the colours and the floral design; I just think is so pretty and so suited to Summer. The material is also really lovely too; it is like a light silky kind of fabric that is really airy so you won't boil. I just can't help stroking it haha :') 
I love the lace-up detailing on the front as it is different to anything I have worn before and it really does look nice. There is an elasticated waistband as well which means that it is brought in at the waist and doesn't just hang straight down. I like this as it means that it gives you more of a figure. 
So yeahh, this is definitely my favourite and I cannot wait to wear this either! It will be going in and out of my wardrobe a lot this Summer haha.

'Coco Open Back Full Skirt Mini Dress

Price: £34.95

I was a bit anxious to buy this one as it meant really going out of my comfort zone. I don't really show off much skin other than legs and arms, so trying an almost backless dress was a challenge haha. But now that I have bought it, I really like it :) 
I feel like this dress would be better for evenings out as it looks quite dressy because of the colour scheme and the style. I like the thick straps as I feel like thin ones get on my nerves quite a lot haha :') 
I love skater skirts so this dress really appealed to me because it had that style at the bottom with a more fitted top section. It is really comfortable, light and airy and although it is quite a simple design, it really does attract the eyes haha. This material is a bit thicker as well, which is why I said that this may be suited more to the evening when it has cooled down a bit, but it doesn't cling to you or make you feel too hot and sweaty, which is good :) 

Overall, I am so happy with these items and I will definitely be wearing them throughout the upcoming months! I wouldn't recommend wearing a bra with any of these outfits though as you would be able to see it and I don't think that looks very nice... Maybe a strapless one or something that doesn't show but yeahh, something to watch out for! 

If you do want to have a look on the Boutique of Molly website then click here to have a browse and buy anything you like the look of! :) 
Then tag your selfies with #BOMselfie as they love to see how you style their outfits and want to know how much you like them! 

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul and liked the look of these outfits from this brand as much as I did when I was looking! 



  1. You are so pretty! Loved the post :)

  2. These outfits are gorgeous! You look amazing! Such a lovely post hun xx

    1. Thankyouu! :') I actually love these outfits :') x

  3. Love all the three outfits Paula. Especially the black dress. Its fabulous

    1. Thankyouu, glad you like them :) Yeahh that one is so nice! x


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