Winter Market & The London Eye

A few weeks ago, I went to Southbank with my family to have a look at the winter market and I just thought I would share my day with you because I had such a lovely time, and as usual, I spent a load of my money :') 

If you fancy something to do one weekend then I highly recommend you check this out because there was such a festive atmosphere and the market is right next to where all of the street performers set up which was entertaining! There are also food stalls from around the world and a roller disco which I thought was quite a nice touch.
Some of the stalls were so amazing, like there were hand-made soaps, star shaped lamp shades, candles, hats, jumpers, photos and loads more. Definitely a few nice Christmas pressie ideas there.

So here is what I picked up...

As you can see, I picked up a couple of the candles because they were just so gorgeous and unusual. I also got the photo of the word 'LOVE' which has basically been put together using different photos of things around London which look like letters of the alphabet. I loved the idea, so had to get one! I think altogether this lot was £36.
I also bought a winter hat that looks like the Russian style ones, that only go round the head and have a hole on top; and that was £49.

In these pictures, you can kind of see the hat that I was talking about. It is so soft and warm, I love it. And that's me with my brother Luke if anyone is wondering :)

We also went on the London Eye, where I got a few nice photos because the weather actually wasn't too bad that day. The only thing I had an issue with was my fear of falling, so I was grabbing onto the railing and had mini heart attacks getting on and off of it haha.

Finished the day off with dinner at Giraffe, which I had never actually been to; but I would also highly recommend as the food is lovely. I had the Giraffe burger and sweet potato fries :)

So yeahh, that was my day in London, it was fun and equally very tiring! If anyone has any recommendations of things to do in London then please let me know :)


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