What's In My Bag?

I love reading these posts; for some reason it fascinates me, seeing what others have in their bags haha, so I thought I might do one myself. I guess I like them because it is more personal and it is a way of getting to know someone's personality more.
The contents of my bag alter slightly half way through the year for hot and cold weather, so this is my winter one :')

This is the bag that I am using at the moment. It's nothing amazing, just a simple black design with a few inner pockets so it does the job :) 
Think I picked this up in Primark for like £10 and it has lasted me quite a while so far so I'm quite happy with it.

What I have in it....

I'll go clockwise, starting from the top left: 
  • My purse (think that is from Primark too haha)
  • A pen
  • My current book (Pretty Little Things - Jilliane Hoffman)
  • My diary
  • Lip balm (the little red tin - Superdrug)
  • Deodorant (Kissably xx Chic)
  • Hand cream (Just Bathe - Cotton Blossom)
  • Mascara (No7 Extravagant Volume)
  • Perfume (Lancome Midnight Rose)
  • Compact Mirror
  • My keys
  • Earphones (normal ones don't stay in my ears haha)
  • Umbrella
  • Hair clip
  • Headache tablets
  • Chewing gum
I also keep my phone in there (Sony Xperia Z5) but I was using it to take the photos. Also, if I am going out somewhere then I will also bring my camera.
So yeahh, that Is what I have in my bag at the moment :)


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