Primark Haul 04/12/15

Today I went out to get ONE outfit and maybe a Christmas jumper, and ended up spending almost my whole paycheck on clothes :') Precisely the reason as to why I don't allow myself to go shopping that often; as I always end up getting carried away! So, this is a haul of all of my Primark purchases from today and how I have styled them together :)

If you read my 'About Me' page, you will know how much I love candles; especially the scented ones, and in the queue to pay for my clothes, I saw a stand full of them, so of course, I had to buy one. This one is a 'Pineapple & Ginger' scented candle and it smells amazing.

Candle -          £2.00
Shoes -           £10.00
T-Shirt bras -  £2.50, £2.50, £3.00
Sports bra -    £6.00
Tights -           £3.00

Blouse -                   £10.00
Wet Look Dress -    £16.00
Silver Dress -          £8.00
Fur Coat -                £30.00
Wine Red Blouse -  £10.00
Black Skirt -             £8.00
Christmas Jumper - £14.00
Christmas Dress -   £16.00
Over-sized Jersey - £10.00

So, that is what I bought today. My favourite is probably the large jersey because it is so comfortable and it is going to be the thing that I wear when I am having a lazy day and just want to be warm and cozy :)
Actually, looking back at my receipt, I've realised that the lady charged me twice for the fur coat! Looks like I have to go back tomorrow now :') 

Lesson learned; always check your receipts guys!


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