Festive Drinks Review

I am a flavoured coffee lover. I always go into McDonalds when they have their Vanilla or Toffee Lattes because its the only time I will actually drink coffee; otherwise it is too strong and I just don't like it. 
Since it is Christmas, most places that sell hot drinks have brought out limited edition festive ones so I thought it would be nice to try all of the ones that sounded half decent and review them :) 
I have to say, I haven't tried all festive drinks out there because that would take ages and would also cost quite a bit, but I have gone through a fair amount.

Cafe Nero

 4/10 - Spiced Orange Latte
This drink was nice at first, but then I realised that it was actually more 'spiced' than 'orange' and it left a weird after taste in your mouth.


 9/10 - Toffee Latte
I love this drink! It is sweet enough to get rid of the strong coffee taste, but not sweet enough to make you stop drinking half way through. The only thing is, if the person serving you doesnt mix it properly, you just get a latte and then toffee at the bottom.


 7/10 - Eggnog Latte
When I saw this I was just like, I don't think I will be able to stomach this drink.....but I went for it anyway! It stinks, you can definitely smell the egg, but honestly it has a nice creamy texture and is just like a warm milkshake :) Only thing is, I don't think you can have a lot of it, and I also felt I needed water after drinking it.

 3/10 - Honey & Almond Hot Chocolate
All I have to say is you can definitely taste the almonds, not much honey though. I don't think the flavours blend well together, I ended up giving it to a friend at work, who added more hot chocolate to it and then seemed to like it haha.

 9/10 - Toffee Nut Latte
I actually really liked this one. The flavours work well together and the coffee didn't taste too strong. The only thing was I couldn't really taste the toffee; I thought it would have been a bit sweeter. 


 9/10 - Sticky Toffee Latte
This one is another 9 because I thought the balance of coffee and flavouring was nice, but I again didn't really get the toffee taste I was expecting.

 10/10 - Caramel Fudge Hot Chocolate
Yes, I gave this a 10 because it was absolutely amazing. I loved the flavours, it wasn't as sweet as it sounds and it smells so good too!

 8/10 - Gingerbread Latte
This one I liked; it was well presented and I love the little gingerbread man that comes with it :) The coffee wasn't too strong, but it did leave a weird taste on your tongue and kind of dried out my mouth to be honest. But it was nice.

 1/10 - Salted Caramel Cappuccino
Oh my goodness, this was disgusting. I only gave it a 1 because they put cute glittery sprinkles on top! :') But seriously this coffee was way too strong and I couldn't really taste any caramel flavour at all. I hardly drank any of it.

 10/10 - White Hot Chocolate
Another hot chocolate getting a 10. But this drink tastes so nice; exactly how you imagine white chocolate to taste as a drink. It wasn't too sweet like I thought it would be, and to be honest I think I would prefer this to the normal milk chocolate version! 

So yeahh, those are the drinks that I have tried this year. Pret also do one that sounds quite nice and that is a Mint Hot Chocolate, so give that one a try too if you have a shop near you :)
Obviously these are my opinions, but I hope this saves you time when trying to decide which festive drink to try first! 
Merry Christmas everyone :)


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