Kiko Rebel Romantic Haul

Before Christmas, I decided that it was time to try new make-up brands and get out of my usual routine of going to Superdrug or Boots and picking out different things from there. I also thought that it would be a great idea to spend £50 on make-up just before Christmas haha :')
Anyways, as I was searching, I found Kiko Cosmetics which had a lot of good reviews, so I went to their website and saw that they had a limited edition Rose Gold line which I fell in love with! The designs are beautiful, the colour is one of my favourites and if some of the products hadn't of been out of stock when I ordered; I would have bought one of each thing from the whole collection. This line is called 'Kiko Rebel Romantic', so definitely go to the website and pick up what you can before it is all gone.

Everything came in their own little box or packaging, so already I could tell that this brand produces quality make-up, and they take pride in it. My order arrived quite quickly even though it was coming from overseas and I didn't actually need to pay any postage and packaging which I was surprised about.

So, here is what I bought:


Velvet Satin Nail Lacquer (Ivory Taupe + Honeydew Melon) - £4.90 each

Eyes Potion Perfecting Eye Serum - £10.90

Intensely Lavish Lipstick (Luscious Red) - £6.90

Rebel Bouncy Blush (Treasure Rose) - £9.90

Rebel Bronzer with Perfecter - £14.50

I am so excited to try all of these, as at the moment I have only used the bronzer once; but first impressions were very good ones! I will most likely review these in a future post but thought I would just do a haul for now so that any of you who like the look of anything, can go to the website and hopefully pick it up for yourselves :) 
I am already liking trying new brands out, so I am going to continue finding new ones and I will let you know of any good ones worth mentioning :)

I'd better get to sleep now haha, I have work tomorrow. I don't know why I always end up posting at 2am....


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