New Year's Resolutions and Advice

2015 is now over and as we move into this year, many people (including myself) choose to make New Year's Resolutions. I feel that these are a great way to set targets for what you want to achieve during the year ahead, and it is also helpful when reflecting on years before. I thought I would share mine with you today; I know it is already the 9th so I am over a week late; but better late than never ay? 

My New Year's Resolutions:

  • Blogging - I hope this year that I can become a lot more organised with my blogging. Meaning that I would like to make regular posts at least twice a week - I will be aiming for Wednesdays and Saturdays as those are the days that I don't work. I also hope to post at around 6pm each night because at the moment I am leaving it until 2am and that is just silly.
  • Keeping Healthy - I hope to eat a lot healthier; trying to get in my 5-a-day as well as drinking a lot more water as I do slack in that department. I also aim to go to the gym at least once a week; I bought all of the gear for it and have gone once since the Summer haha.
  • Money - I really need to stop spending my money on stupid things and actually start to save it instead. I am looking to go away to Gran Canaria at some point but that is never going to happen if I keep ordering Papa John's or Chinese food.....
  • Reading - I love reading. It stimulates the brain and makes you a lot more creative. I used to read all of the time but now that I am working and all that, I hardly have time anymore, but this year I am going to make sure that I save time each day to read at least a chapter from the book I would be reading.
  • Organisation - I always leave things to the last minute, so I am going to hopefully stop doing that this year. I have bought myself a pocket diary so hopefully things will be a lot more organised from now on!

Okayy, so those are my resolutions, hopefully they gave you guys some ideas if you didn't already have any. 
I also know that this year, many of you will be studying for your final exams as I know my brother will be studying for his GCSE's; and since I have already been there, I thought that I would share some tips to make your year run a little smoother.

Advice for School Leavers:

  • Do your work as soon as you get it. I know that everyone already says this, but if you are like me when I was at school; I would always leave homework till the night before or even the morning of the day it was due. Don't do that. It creates stress that can be avoided, and if you do your work when you get it, you can spend more time on it and therefore information will stick in your mind a lot better.
  • Make this year count! Miss one or two socials here and there, don't go on your phone or Xbox as much, go to sleep a little earlier etc etc. Trust me, if you do these things and replace activities with revision, by the time your exams come, you will know everything off of the top of your head. Remember: the more work you put in now, the better results you will get at the end. You only do these exams once, whereas you can go to the cinema with friends any time you like.
  • Make revision time-tables/notes/diagrams; whatever works for you. People learn best in different ways. I was the visual type; I could read a page of information and remember it; but others have to draw pictures to aid them, or shorten things to bullet points. So, find the way that you remember things best and start making the notes now. Use a time-table to organise your time, so that you are not stressing two weeks before the exam, trying to cram everything in - it won't work. 

I hope that my advice will be helpful in one way or another :) If you do all of this now, then you can celebrate after you get the grades that you were aiming for! 

Years go by so fast, there is no time to be wasting it doing things that will not help you in the future. So work hard now, and when it is all over and done with, you can relax and be happy with the things that you have achieved :)

So, this year do the things that make you happy, make up with people that you have fallen out with over something silly, visit the people that you care about or haven't seen in a while, join clubs that you have wanted to join for ages, go away to places that you have always wanted to go to because you only get one shot at this and there is no point in holding grudges or putting things off.
Let's all make 2016 a year to remember! 


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