Monthly Favourites | January 2016

Trying to find just a few things that you have been loving during a month is actually quite difficult, but after a fair amount of thought, I have managed to pick out my January favourites. A lot of people do these, both on blogs and as videos, but I find that everyone's favourites are slightly different; so there is always something new that you can find! 

My Favourites:

Apple Macbook Pro
This laptop is one of my best buys ever I think! It is really fast, the design is beautiful, and although it is VERY expensive........I feel like it is definitely worth it; I love it :) I have used it almost every day this month, and there are no bad points that I have to say about it.
Eye Lash Curler
I used to use one ages ago, but because the cushion wore away and I was too lazy to buy more, I stopped using it. But I got this pink one for Christmas, and it has made such a difference to the way that my lashes look! If you haven't got one, then I highly suggest that you do, because it curls your lashes, making them look longer; especially when you apply mascara. It just makes your eyes have more of a wow-factor.

Kiko Rebel Romantic Perfecting Bronzer - 01 Light to Medium
I know I have talked about this bronzer a few times before, but it deserves the attention! I love this powder; it is easy to apply, quite pigmented so you really don't need to use a lot, and it goes well with my skin complexion. Just a lovely product; I'm so sad that it was limited addition! 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8
I have wanted a polaroid camera for as long as I remember. I love old-fashioned things, and having a camera that printed out your images straight away appealed to me a lot. I looked on Ebay a few times, but the original types were just too expensive; so when I heard about this camera I went and purchased it straight away! I have to say, the film is not cheap, but the camera is so cute and the quality of the photos that it prints are really good. I bought a little album for all my photos, and I just love it.

Enchanted Forest Adult Colouring Book
I heard that these colouring books were meant to like, help with stress and all that, so I bought this one to give it a go and see if it helped to relax me and take me away from reality for a while. Colouring in these pages takes absolutely ages because they are all so intricate and detailed, but it definitely does distract me for hours on end! I can just get lost in this book, colouring away; it is really good; try one if you haven't already :)

The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel
The Body Shop's products have really amazing scents; my favourite being strawberry! I got two little bottles of the shower gel for Christmas and I have used it non-stop. It smells gorgeous and I'm definitely going to be buying more when it runs out.

Lokai Bracelet
I found this on Amazon and I love things that have a nice story behind it. If you don't know what a Lokai bracelet is, then basically there are two beads; one brown/black and one white, opposite to each other on the bracelet. In the dark bead, there is mud from the Dead Sea; the lowest point on Earth. In the white bead, there is water from Mount Everest; the highest point on Earth. What this represents is you cannot have the highs without the lows; they are attached together and work together. It is just a lovely idea, so I had to get one.

Disclaimer by Renee Knight
I sometimes go into Waterstones for a browse, and this time I found this book which sounded really good. If you are a book worm like me and enjoy a good mystery novel, then definitely give this a read! I am about half way through and I cannot seem to put it down. Can't wait to see how it ends!

So these have what I have mainly been loving this month. Hopefully I have inspired some of you to give something a try! Most of the things I have mentioned are budget friendly, so thats a big plus haha. I'm going to read some other people's monthly favourites now, to see if I can try anything new for myself :) Hope you are all having a great weekend!


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