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I really didn't have that much time to prepare a post today because I fell asleep last night without setting an alarm so I was in a rush to get ready to go out. So I was thinking of a quick and simple post and then the idea of an Instagram diary came to mind. So basically what I'm going to do is put up a screenshot of some of my Instagram posts and then tell the story behind it if there is one. I'll go along the rows, starting from the left :)

  1. I think this one was just the other day when I was going out for a meal with family, I actually don't remember haha, but I liked the way my make-up turned out!
  2. Showing off my Christmas nails :')
  3. This was my brother's birthday and I actually liked a photo of me smiling for once. 
  4. I spent this day messing around with make-up and hairstyles, trying different things and I guess this was one of my favourites.
  5. This was taken on bonfire night. I asked my friend Harry to come with me last minute because I didn't go in 2014 and really regretted it so I was determined to go! I remember whining about the amount of mud that was at the entrance haha; it ruined my shoes, but it was a good night :)
  6. This photo is of me and my manager Charlie at one of our crew events. This one was when we went bowling and I actually got a strike......without the barriers!
  7. This was for halloween and I took this photo to show my eye colour change to red.
  8. This photo was just to show some new clothes that I had picked up haha
  9. Lastly, this photo was to show off my new butterfly tattoo that I got on my shoulder. It took about 2 hours and my gosh, some parts really hurt as he kept going over it.

  1. This was when I went to the pub with a friend from work and I was just showing my outfit.
  2. I took this photo because I was proud of how straight I got my hair as I was on holiday in Cyprus with my family and out there it is really hard for my hair to stay straight as it is so long and thick.
  3. This is a photo of me and my brother up the mountains in Cyprus. He is 16 now and already taller than me!
  4. This photo is of me and a couple of friends at another crew party in the Moka night club in Crawley :)
  5. I do like my nights out haha; here is another photo of me and my friend Lizzie at Pryzm in Kingston.
  6. Yet again, another night out with my best friend Amy at Tiger Tiger in Croydon. This night was after my 18th birthday party, so I had to go out clubbing!
  7. Umm, I think this was just a random selfie to be honest haha :')
  8. This photo was taken because I liked this new ring that I picked up in Tesco haha. To be honest, it really makes my fingers look long......
  9. Last photo is of me at my friend Jaime's mum's 50th birthday which had a 60's theme. I chose to go as Audrey Hepburn because 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' came out in 1961 and I love that movie :) I did have my hair in a bun with the long black gloves and cigarette holder but I think I got annoyed with them half way through the night haha.

So thats all the photos I have at the moment, if I chose more then this post would have been really long. Hope you enjoyed it, my Instagram is @paulamarieee :) It was actually nice to look back and try to put some context to my photos. 


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