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Hi guys :) 
Excuse the really poor quality photos, but they are from like over 10 years ago so I tried my best, but even Photoshop can't save a photo from poor cameras haha. 
Today I listened to a song that I used to listen to when I was younger and it made me feel a little nostalgic. I found myself going through old photos and music albums, thinking about everything that I used to get up to; so I thought that I would share some of my favourite music and TV shows, as well as a few of my favourite memories.
I was a 90s baby and some of the music that I loved and overplayed would not have been heard of by kids now. My music taste has changed completely, and obviously I have stopped watching shows for children, but it was nice to just look back :')

Trying to cut down the list of songs that remind me of my childhood was definitely a challenge; there were just so many! But here are my favourites:

1. Hey Baby! - DJ OTZI
2. Fly On The Wings Of Love - XTM & DJ Chunky Pres Annia
3. Stay Another Day - East 17
4. Every Time You Need Me - Fragma
5. Heaven & Earth - Wip Mix
6. Celebrate The Summer - Lacuna
7. Dragostea Din Tei - Ozone
8. Destination Calabria - Alex Gaudino
9. Look At Us - Northern Heightz
10. ...Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
11. Teenage Life - Daz Sampson
12. Weekend! - Scooter
13. Mambo No.5 - Lou Bega
14. Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne
15. Discoland - Flip & Fill Ft Karren Parry
16. Field Of Dreams - Flip & Fill Ft Jo James
17. Baby Baby - Sunblock
18. Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eiffel 65
19. The Boys Of Summer - DJ Sammy
20. Break My Stride - Blue Lagoon

Once again, there was a massive list, but I managed to cut it down to a decent sized list of my favourite TV shows and movies.

1. Scooby Doo
2. The Powerpuff Girls
3. Bear In The Big Blue House
4. Teletubbies
5. Franklin
6. Barney
7. Madeline
8. Blue's Clues
9. Barbar
10. Corduroy
11. Bananas In Pyjamas
12. Dinosaurs
13. Stuart Little
14. The Little Mermaid
15. Sleeping Beauty

Just wanted to share some things that I can remember from my childhood because I love looking back, but never really have opportunities to tell people about it!

1. Does anyone remember the Concordes? Basically they were a type of aircraft that were retired back in 2003; I don't actually remember why. But they were really fast and extremely loud, so when we heard one flying over my Nan's house, we would all run outside to watch it.

2. Every night before I went to sleep, my Dad would come up and we would read a chapter or two of the book that I was reading, as my school kept a log of it as an extra bit of homework. But after that, we would play a game of 'Guess Who' or 'Battleships' or 'Frustration', which I always looked forward to!

3. When we used to live in our old house, my room was set up so that my pillows were in line with the door, and I could see the staircase. Every so often, I would turn over and look out of my room to see a shadow shaped like a person, coming slowly up the stairs, but no-one would actually be coming up. I don't know if it was my mind playing tricks but it scared the life out of me and I still can't figure it out haha.

4. Each Wednesday, I would go and stay with my Nan and Grandad for no reason in particular. My Nan would go out and get the ice creams that are covered in milk chocolate and nuts, (we just called them Nut Lollies). I remember that before I handed them out, I would open the packets and choose the one with the most nuts :')

5. When we moved to where we are now, I made a few friends with people down the street that were similar in age. We would go and knock for each other after school and on weekends and play things like 'Polo' and 'Cops and Robbers'; we were also guilty of playing 'Knock Down Ginger' a few times too haha.

Hope you enjoyed looking into my past, I was caught smiling at my laptop a couple of times as I was typing this because of the other memories that were linked to the ones that I wrote. 
If I was to write all of my memories then we would be here all day, but those were some of my favourites, and they will stick with me forever.
I enjoy reading these kind of nostalgic posts because everyone's memories will be different and I am normally laughing at some of the stories that people have to tell :')
Hope you are all having a lovely week; I am just going to enjoy the rest of this evening before work tomorrow.


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