Introducing Sammy | My Golden Retriever

Heya everyone :) I know I'm a bit late but I haven't had the best day today as I failed my driving test.......again. It's not that I can't drive because everyone (including examiners) have said that I can; it's just that my nerves take over and I just make one silly mistake right at the end and then that's it. So yeahh, I came home, had lunch, started a page out of my new Enchanted Forest colouring book and watched some TV to take my mind off of it; then had a nap. But now I'm going to brush it off and get on with this post. 

To cheer me up, I thought that I would introduce my baby to you all; I fell in love with her when we first got her and I wanted to just show her off, because you know, look at how beautiful and cute she is!

Sammy is a female Golden Retriever who was born on the 9th of June 2009. Picking out the name Sammy took ages; it wasn't the first choice. Others included things like Charm or Roxy haha, no way. 
I remember the day that we picked her up well, because me and my family were on our way back from a camping trip when our trailer frame broke just as we came off of the motorway, and went sliding along the road! We had to wheel the trailer onto a bit of grass at the side of the road and leave my mum with it as the rest of us went to pick her up! No day is a dull day with my family haha :')
So yeahh, after we had got back to my mum, we just let Sammy rest on the back seat as we waited for the massive pick-up truck to bring our trailer back with us. We took the photo above that night, after we had finally made it home and got everything settled :')

As a puppy, Sammy was quite ill. She moved into my room for quite a lot of her first 1-2 years because I was the one with the wooden floor. We would have to coat it with mats and newspaper in case of any mess; and at all hours of the night I would wake up to her crying, so I would cuddle her till she was alright. I didn't mind though, because she still camps outside my door, wanting to come in with me now. :') I feel like we bonded a lot during that time, and I loved it. 
As she was getting better, she started to behave as any puppy does, by being naughty haha. The amount of tea towels we have gone through is crazy; but she makes me laugh as she will stay still until you try to grab it off of her, which is when she will run away. She also used to bite broomsticks if we were trying to sweep, and if you had one shoe missing, then you know who had taken it.

Now she is all grown up, and has completely changed. She can open doors for herself (although she hasn't quite grasped the concept of closing them again), do all kinds of tricks, she can tell us when she isn't feeling too well and also knows when we aren't feeling great. She also knows that every morning she can go next door to my Nan, where she will be given two digestive biscuits :') She is a bit of a scaredy cat though haha; she will bark at anyone coming close to the house, but then run upstairs or hide between someone's legs :') She is very jealous too. If I ever went over to my rabbit hutch, she would be straight there beside me, making sure that I wasn't giving them too much attention :') I can't even give anyone a hug without her trying to get in there too haha.

Sammy is part of our family, meaning that she comes on all trips and holidays that she can, she sleeps on the bed (normally trying to take over), she gets Christmas presents and special Birthday treats and she gets to have a bit of everyone's dinner haha. I love her to absolute pieces and I hope you have all enjoyed this introduction because she is the one who I can always rely on to bring a smile to my face; no matter how much of a hard day I have had; because as soon as I walk through the door she is all over me, tail wagging and a toy in her mouth :)

So yeahh, sorry again for the delay, I was so stressed out and upset this afternoon; as well as exhausted from being up at like 6am. Hopefully next time I can nail this driving test because I know I can do it! I drive all the time with my parents; no problem.......*sigh*.....ahh well. But my baby cheered me up so :')



  1. I'm still yet to learn how to drive, but my mum failed hers like 5 times, and I can imagine in that situation the nerves can really get to you! I was thinking of doing a post on my little Labrador puppy, so you've definitely inspired me to incorporate him into my blog a little more <3 Sammy is adorable, i have a huge place in my heart saved just for dogs, I'm such a dog fanatic, I love them and vow never to have kids, just dogs! A bond between you and your dog(s) is forever and they're so loyal, you'll never get that kind of love anywhere else, it's just so tear jerking. Such a gorgeous post Paula, thanks for sharing Sammy with us <3

    Sending love from A So Called Beauty Blog // Bloglovin'

    1. I finally passed on the 5th attempt, yes nerves definitely got to me!
      Ahh yes you should definitely write a post about him! I loved writing this one as like you, I love dogs so much. Thankyouu, I'm glad you liked it! :) x


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