100 Year Journal

I have tried numerous times to keep a diary or a journal, but most of the time I either forget or lose interest, so the book just gets left to gather dust at the bottom of a drawer or we rip out the left-over paper to use as note paper. 
I do love the idea of journals though; keeping memories forever so that you can read through them and share them with your children and grandchildren. So when I saw this 100 year journal which I bought a couple of years ago now, I was so happy! I just wanted to show you all and explain a bit more about it, so that maybe you can go and get one for yourselves to keep :)

It is called 'My Life Story' by suckUK and ranges from about £20-30, depending on what site you go to. I think I got mine from Amazon :)             Basically, all you do is fill in the journal four times a year; once for each season. You can add photos and a diary entry, and it gives you little prompts at the bottom of each page if you need any help. Then there is a page at the end of each year where you can write your highlights. There are other pages for you to fill in too; such as 'About Me', 'My Bucket List', 'Top 10s', 'Places I've Been', 'My Body', 'Jobs' and things like that. These things wouldn't be what you would normally put in a journal so I think it is a lovely way to show your development over the years and to also make it more personal. 

You can get so creative with this journal as well. It is a nice way for me to relax over an evening; filling in the entry for each few months and also taking the time to look back, which is something that I never used to do.

I am a really sentimental person haha, so I can't wait for my kids to be old enough to sit down with me and read all about what I got up to. I actually might buy one for each child that I have, and fill them in for them until they are old enough to hopefully finish them off themselves.
So yeahh, thats about all I can really say about it otherwise I would just start rambling haha. But I do hope that some of you will go and get one because I think they are lovely, and it is not one of those diaries that will be pointless if you leave a massive gap between entries, because you can come back to it whenever you like and just fill in what you can remember from that period of time. It is a personal keepsake for you, where all of your memories are kept in one place :)


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