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On the plane home from my holiday in Gran Canaria a few years ago, I was taking photos (like the one above), when I thought about making myself a bucket list. I love the idea of these as it is basically a list of all the things that you would like to do in your lifetime; and as we only live once, why not try and do everything you can?? :) 
These are also very good as I often find myself seeing things or hearing about things and thinking 'I would really like to try that'; but then forgetting about it the next day. This way, I can add to my bucket list and not forget anything that I like the look or sound of! 
I like reading other people's bucket lists too as they show a lot about a person and what they are into, as well as giving me some more inspiration for my own one, so today I thought that I would share my bucket list so far :)

I have written my list in my 100 year journal which I did a post about that you can read here: My 100 Year Journal. It just means that everything personal to me is in this one book; not written on a piece of paper or saved on my computer where it could get lost or erased. I also like the idea of it being in a journal as it has more value to it then. 

Bucket List:
  1. Go travelling around America in an RV
  2. Learn Spanish
  3. Stay up to watch the sunset and the sunrise
  4. Go to a festival
  5. Have a professional photoshoot
  6. Long, romantic walk along the beach
  7. Have the perfect wedding
  8. Have 3 children
  9. Watch the Northern Lights
  10. Become fitter
  11. Live abroad for at least 6 months
  12. Kiss in the rain
  13. Pet a tiger
  14. Learn ballroom dancing
  15. Go to New York for Christmas
  16. Learn how to do a cartwheel
  17. Go on a cruise
  18. Visit at least 10 landmarks around the world
  19. Swim with dolphins
  20. Become a Youtuber
  21. Ride an elephant
  22. Go scuba diving
  23. Go to the airport and buy a ticket to anywhere and just go 
  24. Overcome my fear of falling
  25. Lie outside with someone and look at the stars
  26. Learn to skateboard
  27. Solve a rubiks cube
  28. Go in a hot air balloon
  29. Have a proper picnic
  30. See a play at the Globe Theatre

That is my bucket list so far, but I do keep adding to it every now and then because I always see something new that I would like to try, or I have seen my friends do something and they have recommended it to me :) If you don't have a bucket list then I would suggest that you make one as they are fun and also give you an idea of all the things you want to do during your life :) I will always be looking back at this list to try and find the time to complete everything on there, and start to build memories :')


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