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Tattoos are one of those things that people have mixed opinions about. Some like them so much that they cover themselves in them, some have a couple, some just like the idea of them, and some just don't like them. For me, I prefer to look at them as 'Body Art', as they are also called, because I love art and how you can show your personality through it, or create something that is meaningful to you. I have picked out a couple of designs that I like and still want to get, but today I just wanted to share the ones that I already have, and why I chose to get them.

Okayy, so these ones I got done altogether whilst I was visiting family in Ireland. I got these when I was 17, because some parlours over there allow you to get them underage with adult permission :) I knew that I wanted to get small ones on the wrists because I just think that they look lovely; so I chose a heart, a cross and an anchor. 

The Heart
One reason why I wanted a heart tattoo was because of its obvious links to love and emotions. I cannot wait until I meet someone, fall in love and have a family of my own - I am a sucker for romance movies and so yeahh, this had to be featured. 
The heart also represents life and strength due to the fact that our hearts are what keep us alive. It can also be linked to courage and trust; for example if you give your heart to someone as they say, you are being brave and trusting them not to break it.

The Cross
I didn't get this because of it's links to religion, I got it because it represents faith. I am a strong believer in faith, because you need to have faith in yourself, and you need to have faith in other people. If you don't, then you will never believe that you can do something, and you will never take risks. There have been many time where I have put faith in people and yeahh, they have let me down; but I still feel like it is a big part of who I am and so yeahh, I like this one :)

The Anchor
I love the sea. I love how free and open it is, how fresh the sea air makes you feel, and how being at the beach makes me feel relaxed and peaceful. I remember when I was little, I wanted to be a mermaid when I grew up haha, as I used to watch The Little Mermaid over and over again, so this basically symbolises my love for the sea. 
It also represents protection, stability and security, because anchors are used to tie down boats and keep them safe; and I just thought that was lovely :)

When I turned 18, I decided to get another tattoo which was this butterfly one on my shoulder blade. Sorry that the picture is a bit dark, I only had this black and white version; I must have deleted the original, but hopefully you can see it :)

The Butterfly
I got these because they have a beautiful meaning behind them. Basically, the Greek word for butterfly is Psyche after the goddess; the goddess of the soul. According to Greek mythology, she fell in love with a God called Eros, and went through many challenges to be with him. I just love that idea of someone fighting for the one that they love, and not giving up hope :') 
Also, in nature, butterflies are once caterpillars who transform at some point during their lives. So this represents rebirth and strength as they lead short but eventful lives; undergoing a complete transformation in the process.
So butterflies represent love, beauty, rebirth, transformation, spirituality, the soul, nature, grace and femininity. I just think it's beautiful :)

So, those are the tattoos that I have so far. I hope you like them as much as I do; I don't just get them without giving them proper thought as these are permanent; they cannot just wash off. So I want ones that mean something to me, and these definitely do. 
The only thing about getting tattoos for me, is the needle part haha. I have a big issue with them; like I have to go through this whole preparation thing beforehand, otherwise I'll go all faint and nobody wants that. But afterwards, I'm alright and I am very pleased with the results! 
I love looking at what tattoos people have and hearing the stories behind them, because everyone is different so the images or text that we get on our skin will all have a different meaning too, and I just think that's lovely :')


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