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Last year I decided that I would do a complete make-over of my room. I was bored of the old layout and the furniture and colour scheme made the room look tiny. I wanted a room that was modern, bright and represented me. So I spent a few months designing the layout and colours, as well as the theme. I finally picked out everything; I knew I wanted my room black and white with a New York theme, carpet, perfumes and candles on display, and I wanted a book shelf. So, here is what I designed! :)

I decided that I didn't want wallpaper all over my room again; I just wanted a 'feature wall'; which is the New York mural behind my bed. I wanted something unique and interesting and this was perfect! :) I also wanted little fairy lights around my bed, as I think they are cute and give the room a little warmth when you don't want to turn the main lights on. I also decided to keep my home-made cushions on display as I felt that they fitted with the theme; plus I worked hard on them haha. My room looks bigger, brighter, and definitely more me.

I have a desk, where I normally do my make-up or work on my laptop. I also bought a drawer unit for extra storage space, and of course my bookcase :) I love that I can have my books on display because I love reading, and literature is a big part of who I am. Both of these units also provide display space; as you can see haha. I also bought a mannequin from Dunelm for £30. It was a spur-of-the-moment purchase; I just saw it and thought that it looked lovely. It also now serves a great purpose as my necklace holder :')

On either side of my desk, I have my hairdryer and straighteners. I bought holders that could be connected to the wall as I thought that it looked nice and modern, as well as the fact that it would help keep my room tidier!

Something that I wanted, was to have my perfume collection on display. I spend quite a bit of money on different scents, and I wanted to be able to show them off to people, instead of hiding them away in a drawer; as the companies don't make the bottles as beautiful as they are, to not be seen. On my bookcase, I keep my candle collection and other little ornaments :)
Around my room, I have different photos and wall art dotted around, but I thought that I would just choose my favourites to show you. I picked up these three pieces of art in Gran Canaria at a market. There were loads to choose from, but I picked the ones that I either liked most, or that represented me best. I love art, and I thought these were different; plus, they go with my room's colour theme!

These are just some other little bits that I thought were worth a mention. On top of my wardrobes, I have some of my cuddly toys that I just couldn't get rid of. Some may find that childish, but I am very sentiments, and each of these has a story or memory behind it. I also have my memory chest; full of the things that I never want to lose or forget. 
On my windowsill, I have a large and VERY heavy tiger ornament. I love tigers so much, I wish I could own one. I know it doesn't really go with the rest of the room, but I had to have some sort of tiger feature haha.
On my bedside tables, I have a touch lamp which shines through the New York sky line; which I thought was pretty. I also have an extra loud alarm clock; because I will sleep through anything :') I also have tissues, a notepad and my docking station.
Next to one of my wardrobes, I have a few shelves that basically hold all things electrical (with a few of the McDonalds RMHC teddies to decorate it haha). I have my sky box, CD player, PS4, DVD player and mini fridge over there.
And finally, over my windows I have two wind chimes which I think are lovely. They make such a nice sound when the wind blows through the window; especially in Spring. I also have a dream catcher, because I like the idea behind it; plus it's blue and has feathers.....haha.

Thats my little space; I hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about me :) Bedrooms are a great way to learn more about a person, as they are the most personal space that someone has, it's where they feel most comfortable and where they can be themselves the most. I love watching room tours online; they often give me ideas of what I could do in my room; especially when I was first designing it. I still have a few more bits to put on the wall, but it's just how I imagined it would be; I love it :)


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