I Passed My Driving Test!!

First things first, I am sorry that it has been so long since my last post; I don't really have an excuse because although I have been really busy, I have had the odd days where I could have done one; I just used those days to catch up on sleep haha. 
A lot has happened since February, but the thing that I wanted to tell you guys about first was that I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! :)

I started to learn to drive when I turned 17, and took my first test in May last year. It took me 5 attempts (plus one test that I was late to and couldn't do haha), but I have finally done it and I couldn't be happier :) 
The trouble I was having wasn't to do with my driving, but with my confidence and nerves. I could drive perfectly fine with my instructor or friends and family; but as soon as the examiner got in with his hi-vis jacket and clip board, I was all over the place. I would fail on stupid things that I had never done before such as not looking properly on mini roundabouts or not realising roads were one-way. On my 4th test, I failed and as soon as the examiner got out of the car, I broke down in tears. I felt so disheartened and I was ready to give up; but everyone kept telling me that I could do it and I should keep trying. They all had faith in me, so I had to have faith in myself. 

2 weeks before my 5th test, I started to take Kalms. These were recommended to me by a family friend who had had the same issues that I was having. They are herbal and not harmful at all; they are supposed to just calm your nerves. I have to say, they definitely worked! Although my hands were still shaking, I was doing everything properly and I felt a lot more relaxed and confident in myself. I passed with 6 minors :) Not bad haha!

For the last 2 tests, I didn't bother continuing with lessons because I didn't need them. I also started to use my own car because I was wasting an extra £75 a test on using my instructor's car. I think this was better though, because I was used to my car and I liked driving it :)

 My car is a Renault Clio with 3 doors; a nice little car to get me started! I do love it; it's so easy to drive, and it looks nice, not the old Clio design that just looks gross in my opinion haha. Nice amount of space as well, so it is perfect for me :) Picked this up off of my mum's friend for £3000.

When I passed, my Dad bought me a TomTom satnav; which I have used already because I am absolutely terrible with directions haha! I have also got all of my safety equipment sorted which I keep in the boot in case of any emergencies, as well as a little phone holder and a Parma Violets freshener which smells amazing :')

The car originally came with a basic radio and CD player, so for my birthday this year, I got a Pioneer bluetooth stereo because most of my music I play is off of Spotify, so this was perfect for me. I drove to Halfords as soon as I could to get it fitted with the mic. 

So yeahh, that is my favourite bit of news that I just had to share. If there is one thing that you take from this, make it be that you should NEVER give up on something. You can do anything if you put your mind to it and keep trying. You only fail when you stop trying as they say! So, just believe in yourself and conquer whatever it is that is trying to hold you back :) 

Had to add in a car selfie haha! This was when I took my Brother to his college interview a few weeks ago.


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