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I have been wearing makeup for a number of years now and I have definitely picked up a few tricks along the way. So, I thought that I would put together my A-Z of makeup tips to hopefully help you; whether you are a beginner or just looking at what others do! 

Application - Going back to basics definitely helped me to get better results from my make-up. My best tip for application is always apply makeup outwards; to the edge of your face and then blend it down your neck so that you aren't left with obvious lines where your foundation ends and your bare skin starts. This will make your makeup look a lot more natural and flawless.

Blend - This is very important as you don't want to be left with obvious lines or contouring that looks too harsh and eye shadow that is made up of coloured shapes. So, once the makeup is applied, sweep a brush over the edges to blend them out. This will make it look a lot less messy and jagged.

Clean - Whether you use a branded cleanser, ordinary antibacterial soap or shampoo, make sure you clean your makeup brushes regularly! It will help get rid of any bacteria clinging to the bristles and also make them soft and easier to use again.

Define - Contouring and highlighting really help to add more definition to your face as well as bringing your features into focus more. Use bronzer or a contour palette to define your cheek bones by sucking in your cheeks and applying it in the hollow that appears. You can also define your nose and make it appear slimmer by applying it to either side of the ridge and blending out. Use highlighter to make the sun reflect more off of your skin as this helps to add more definition. Apply it to your cheek bones, cupid's bow, ridge of the nose, eyebrow arches and any other areas that are raised. 

Eyes - As your eyes are often one of the first things someone will notice about you, ensure you choose the correct eye shadow shades for your eye colour. For example, plums and greens are perfect for brown eyes and warm neutrals and reds are great for green eyes. 

Foundation - It is important that you know your skin type before choosing a foundation. What I mean by this is if you have oily skin, you don't want to get a foundation that has a dewy finish. You should also look at the coverage when buying a foundation. Coverage is basically how well the foundation covers your skin. Whilst this can be great for people who have a lot of blemishes that they want to hide, sometimes high coverage foundations can be very thick and end up looking 'cakey'. Another tip for choosing the right foundation for you is making sure it has some level of SPF in it. This means that whilst your skin is looking great, it is also being protected from the sun. My last tip for picking a foundation is choose the right colour for your skin. You don't want one that makes you look ill but you also don't want one that makes you look like you have only tanned your face. The best place to test a colour is on your neck! 

Groom - Maintaining your features can be a very tedious task at times but it really helps to make your makeup application go a lot smoother and look a lot better. So, get your brows plucked or waxed because if you have thick hair like me, trying to fill in your brows can become a struggle when the hair is growing in every possible direction haha. Also, use a brow conditioning gel to keep them healthy and give them more shape.

Hands - Wash your hands properly before applying your makeup, especially if you use your fingers to do any of the work! Your hands become very oily and carry bacteria that can cause break outs, so if you wash them before touching any makeup then it really does help to minimise the risk. 

Intensify - To make your eyeshadow colour a lot more intense and pigmented, add a bit of setting lotion to the colour that you wish to use. A very handy tip if you have run out of primer or are using a cheaper palette! 

Jawline - To get the jawline that everyone drools over, take a bronzer or contour colour that is two shades darker than your foundation and blend it out to carve a sharp jawline that looks natural! 

Kissable - Apply lip balm or lip oil regularly to keep your lips looking plump and moisturised, especially during the winter months when they can get very dry. Healthy, moisturised lips make lipstick and other products apply a lot better.

Lashes - There are many things I have picked up over the years to make my lashes look longer and darker without splurging too much or tinting them. Before applying any mascara, use an eye lash curler to lift the lashes as this will already give them more impact and make your eyes look bigger. Then apply the mascara evenly, lightly shaking the brush to either side as you do. This will separate the lashes as well as lengthen them. I also find it helpful to apply a couple of coats to get a darker and more intense look; wait for each layer to dry first though. 

Moisturise - Having a good skin care routine and moisturising every day will make applying makeup a lot easier. Healthy skin will allow the makeup to sit better and look a lot more airbrushed, as opposed to cakey and dull on dry or flakey skin. 

No makeup - Leaving your skin to breathe for a few days on your days off or when you are away will help it to recover. It will then be a much better and more cooperative canvas when you do apply makeup again. 

Order - There is no right or wrong order for doing makeup, it is more about preference and what works best for you. Personally, I leave my eyes till last as they are the most detailed and intricate part of my routine and I just don't want to mess it up haha. However, I would suggest practicing different ways of applying it to find the best order for you.

Primer - I always apply my pore minimising primer before doing anything else as it just helps to eliminate any rough bits and create a nice smooth base for my foundation. Since I started using a primer I have found that my foundation lasts a lot longer and looks a lot more flawless, even in the problem areas around my nostrils and on my chin. Eye primer also helps to stop eye shadow from creasing and fading.

Q-tips - These things are great if you accidentally get a bit of mascara on your eye lid or lipstick on your chin as you can apply a bit of makeup remover and fix it without having to start all over again! 

Remove - Always remove your makeup before going to bed. Covering your skin for that long is not good for it so if you are like me and wear makeup all day, then give it a chance to breathe overnight. 

Sponges - Beauty blenders and other sponges are very popular at the moment and although I don't really use them, I know a lot of people who use them all the time as they hate brushes. When it comes to choosing a sponge, I would suggest a silicone one as they are a lot easier to clean, don't break or fall apart as ordinary sponges do and they don't waste any product due to the material that they are made out of. However if it an ordinary sponge that you go for then make sure you clean it often to prolong the life of it. 

Throw - Get rid of any makeup that you have had for ages or has gone out of date as it is not good for your skin. It is always good to have a makeup bag refresh and start over with new products instead of picking out an old concealer that you have had since you started wearing makeup. 

Undertones - Everyone's skin is different and you need to choose products and colours that are going to suit you best. I found out that I have a lot of pink in my skin so I have to balance it out by choosing a foundation that has more yellow in it. If you are in doubt, go to a makeup counter such as No7 as the specialists there can help you choose the product with the right undertones for your skin.

Vaseline - Although it is very good for your lips, it is also great for your lashes! Apply a bit to them every night before bed and it will help them to become more healthy and grow longer. 

Water - Drinking lots of water is great for your skin. It will help it become more nourished and can also help to prevent spots so your makeup application process is a lot quicker and smoother. Water also keeps you hydrated so your lips will be plumper and the circles under your eyes won't be quite as dark.

X - Never apply makeup to broken skin or spots using your brush or the applicator directly. Apply a bit of the product to your hand and then use a finger to apply it to the affected area; after washing your hands of course. This will stop the bacteria from spreading to your tools and then being transferred to other areas of your face. 

YouTube - If you want to learn something new or just want to make sure that you are doing something correctly, look up tutorials on YouTube. It is a great place to watch videos that can really show you how to do something.

Zzzzz - Sleep is very important for your health and your skin. If you get enough sleep then your skin will have a lot more radiance and won't look as dull and tired. You also won't have those dreaded dark circles under your eyes! 


SO, those are my main tips for getting that perfect makeup look just by going back to basics. I hope you have learned something new or you just had fun seeing if I could come up with a word for every letter (I think I did pretty well except for X haha). 


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