What's In My Bag?

Today I thought I would share the contents of my bag with you as let's face it, everyone has that little bit of curiosity for what people carry around with them on a day-to-day basis. Everyone is different; where one person may carry a hair brush around with them, another may not and where one person may carry a book or kindle in their bag, another may not. I find it very interesting when my friends or family pull something out of their bags that I don't carry in mine and I'm sure it isn't just me haha.
This is the handbag that I currently use every day. I have MANY more stored in various areas of my room but this one seems to be the one that I have stuck with for the past year or so. 
I bought it in Primark a long time ago to use for work as it was a nice size and just plain black as it was just for going to and from work during the week. It has a simple design with one zip that leads to a large inside compartment and then a small zipped pocket on the inside. The two zips on the outside which you can see in the photo are just for decoration, but a nice simple touch to the bag I think. 
I do want to treat myself to a more high end handbag though, as I don't really put work things in there anymore as I no longer wear a hat or hairnet etc. I would like a more classy bag that I can use every day and also take out to London or on other days out with me. However, for now this is my bag; one that has lasted me a very long time and has definitely served me well. 
I have been known to keep a lot of rubbish in my bags, so a few weeks ago I had a huge clear out and now only keep the essentials in there. Obviously depending on what I am doing each day the contents may change, however these are the main things: 
As I have a blog and a YouTube channel, I am always coming up with new ideas and have to jot them down before I forget them. I also have a lot of appointments and important days to remember so a diary is a must for me to carry around in my bag. My diary of choice is the Boxclever Press Life Book, which I did a blog post on last week if you want to check it out: Life Book Post.
I always like to have a pen on me as they always come in handy, especially if you carry around a diary like me. So I keep my mini moustache pencil case in my bag with a few different pens as you never know when you will need a red biro or sharpie haha. I like to be prepared. 
Hand Cream
My hands get so dry in winter so I keep hand cream with me so that I can give them the moisture that they need on those cold days. The one that I am using at the moment is the Avon Care gentle aloe vera cream. It really helps to heal my hands before they get too dry and start peeling. I have quite a lot of hand cream at home including one from the Body Shop and Zoella's winter wonder hand, but I won't use them until I finish this one. 
Card Holder
I used to have to carry around a huge purse just to be able to hold all the cards that I have collected over the years and still be able to close; Tesco, Superdrug, Body Shop, Nandos and many more. I didn't really like the purse but it was the only one I could find at the time, so I purchased a card holder from Card Genie. It is very secure and protects against anyone who tries to get your information which is what made me go for it. I chose the gold one as I thought it looked prettier than the other colours haha. It is a nice size so it fits in your pocket if you need to take it out with you and has quite a few slots so all of your cards should fit in nicely, as mine do. I just think it is so handy which is why it is always in my bag.
As I bought the card holder I thought it was time to get myself a new purse, one that I like and that isn't so bulky. I chose this one from New Look as it is a nice size and I like the style. I only carry a bit of cash on me for emergencies and for parking etc so this is the perfect purse for me to have on me every day.
Unfortunately my eyes aren't as good as they once were so I have to wear glasses at certain times such as driving or in the cinema. I keep them in my bag for when I need them as I never know when that will be.
Shopping Bag
Much to Keiron's dismay, I carry a shopping bag with me that has a blue and white flowery pattern on. Keiron thinks it looks like a "Granny's" shopping bag but I think it is handy to have with you when you go to the supermarket and get a bit more than what you thought you were going to get. I bought it in WH Smith for like £3 which I thought was quite good.
Always Sanitary Towel Tin
These things are so handy as you can always carry a pad on you in case you or someone else gets caught out, plus they disguise them pretty well I think haha. I don't remember where I got this one from as I have had it for ages but I know you can get one like it in Superdrug and I am sure they are sold online.
These kind of speak for themselves I think. Tissues are handy at various times as I am sure you can all imagine, which is why I always carry a pack in my bag.
I always like to make sure that I look alright haha. So if I think that I have accidentally smudged my lipstick or eyeliner, my mirror comes in handy. This one was bought as a gift so I'm not sure where it was from or how much it was, but it is an all silver clamshell shaped mirror with Keep Calm You Look Great on it.
If I am using public transport or I'm getting some work done and want to listen to music then my earphones are always good to have on me. I don't like in-ear ones as they just fall out and headphones are too big and bulky to have in my bag every day so I use these phillips over ear ones which are perfect for me, plus they are good quality too.
Headphone Splitter
I bought this for £1.50 in Primark a few months ago as my Dad had one and it came in handy when we were going on holiday and me and my Brother wanted to watch a movie or listen to the same movie. It is a good idea as multiple people can listen to the same thing with separate headphones. I just keep this in my bag so that I know where it is and I don't forget to bring it away with me haha.

So, that is everything that I currently keep in my bag. As I said, the contents change quite a lot so I am sure I will be doing another post in the future to update it. Hope you have had a lovely weekend!


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