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If you are like me and always have something going on or always have an idea in your head that you need to jot down, then you should arm yourself with a diary or yearly planner. 
Whether it is an evening with friends, a doctors appointment or a blog post that I want to write on a specific day, I always have to write it down somewhere in case I forget it. I would say I have a memory of a gold fish but apparently it has been proven that they actually have quite good memories haha. 
I have gone through quite a few different planners over the years but never really found one that I stuck with and actually used properly until I went into WH Smith one day and found the Boxclever Press Life Book. They were called Organised Mum when I bought my first planner of their's back in 2016 but now they have rebranded. 
The books are A5 sized so not too big and bulky but also not so small that you can't actually fit everything in (however they do stock pocket sized diaries as well). They are ring bound which I personally love and the front and back covers are hard back which protects the pages from the often awful British weather. 
I just think they are so useful for everything that I need to plan and remember. The good thing about this brand is they don't change it every year. The one thing I hate is when I find something I like and then it is changed and I have to find something similar somewhere else. Whereas with these planners the only things that really change are the style, colours and fonts; all of which I can deal with. 
As you can see, this planner caters for everyone's needs as there is a general weekly planner, a daily planner with spaces on the sides for shopping lists and notes etc and even a monthly planner in grid form which is what I use the most for planning holidays, remembering birthdays/events/appointments and even planning blog posts. I found it very hard trying to find a planner that had everything like this one; or even finding one with a grid layout at all! 
At the end of each monthly grid planner there are pages like the ones above which include a budgeting page, incomings and outgoings page and to-do lists and notes pages! I find them very useful when planning for days out or little shopping sprees to ensure I have the money to be able to do so. I also love the notes sections as this is where I write down all of those random thoughts I mentioned before haha and the to-do list speaks for itself really. 
At the back of the planner there are two extra little bits. One being an address book and the other being sticker pages. I have to say, I don't really use address books as I normally keep all of that information in my phone, however I am sure it is a useful tool for some people. I also never really used the stickers until this year, however so far they are proving to be quite helpful. There are so many different ones from 'Birthday' to 'MOT' and because they are quite bright, they stick out on the page which means that there is no excuse for me to forget something! I have already used most of the 'Going on holiday' ones and identified everyone's birthdays for the year haha. 
One of the other things that I love about this planner is it's big focus on Christmas at the back. From shopping lists to present ideas and budgeting, Christmas is so easy to plan out and get sorted instead of relying on mental notes and hoping that you haven't forgotten something important. As the years go on, I know I will be using these pages more and more as I will have to think about food and drink as well as everyone's presents! 

So, if you haven't found your perfect planner yet and you are worrying as it is already mid January, then I hope I have inspired you. This post hasn't been sponsored, it is just my honest opinion on a product that I personally love and want to share with others! Now I am going to crack on with planning more blog posts for the year haha.



  1. These planners look so cute! They seem perfect for a busy student like me. Thank you for sharing.

    1. They would definitely help a lot! Highly recommend :) x


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