Additions To My Perfume Collection

Since I did a post about My Perfume Collection which you can read by clicking on the link; I have added a few more to it so thought I would do a little update. 

YSL - Mon Paris
I bought this one over a year ago as I absolutely loved it and wanted a new perfume that I could have for special occasions. I have actually done a full review of this one which you can read here: Mon Paris Review
However to sum it up, it is a very sweet fragrance, and quite a strong one at that, which I personally love in a perfume. It is fruity and therefore very fit for Spring and Summer, but also very elegant so I wear it all year round. Although I say it is a strong fragrance, it is not the in-your-face kind of strong; it is still quite muted which is something that I love so much about it. I love a perfume that makes you stand out when you walk into a room and this one definitely does that as I get so many questions from people asking what I'm wearing. 
Overall, if you are looking for a new scent then I would give this one a go as the fragrance itself is gorgeous, the packaging is beautiful and it only costs £52! 

Jimmy Choo EDP
I got this perfume for Christmas last year from my parents and although it is a scent quite different to the other's that I own, I love it. When I wear it, I imagine being dressed in a ballgown attending a fancy dinner, so as you can probably guess, it's not a fragrance that I put on every day haha. 
It is a much warmer scent than the others that I have and it is more floral as opposed to the sweet fruity ones that I normally wear, but it means that it suits different occasions better which I like. This scent is also linked to strength, confidence and empowerment in the modern woman which I definitely get a sense of. I love it because it is so different, but when I wear it I still feel like it gets a lot of attention when I walk into a room which is what I like in a perfume. 
Overall, if you like perfumes that are a bit more mature, seductive and warm then I would try this one. It is the first Jimmy Choo scent that I own and I am sure it won't be the last. This one costs roughly £43 depending on the ml.

Missguided - Babe Power
I hadn't really heard of this perfume before I saw it in Superdrug at Christmas. I was drawn to it by the unusual packaging; a can. I have never seen a perfume packaged in such a quirky and gimmicky way, but I really love it. It is something new and different and I had to add it to my collection. 
I was given this by my friend Amy last Christmas and it is one of the ones that I reach for most at the moment. The scent is fruity but also quite musky as well, and since it has the right balance of each, it is a scent that fits any occasion or time of the year. I have to say, it doesn't last as long as the other two fragrances, but it is still strong and I do still get people asking me what it is I am wearing, which is good.
Overall, if you want a cheaper addition to your perfume collection, try this one as it does ooze confidence and femininity which I personally love, and for £25, it is definitely a bargain!

So, those are my most recent additions to my collection and I am loving all of them; although I do still have a small list of a few others that I would like to get haha. Ones like Jimmy Choo Blossom, Michael Kors Rose Radiant Gold and Paco Rabanne Olympea, but they will have to wait for birthdays and christmases, or when I have a bit of spare money. 


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