Nail Varnish Spree

I don't know what it is, but every time I go to Superdrug or Boots or even super markets, I always look at the nail varnishes that they have. I love trying new brands or colours to find the perfect one that dries quickly, is easily removed when I want to, and goes well with my outfits which are always changing. 
The other day I went shopping and ended up picking up quite a few new ones to try! It's funny though; I work in McDonalds where you aren't actually allowed to paint your nails, so trying to find the time to use these will be a challenge :')
So, as I spent a bit on these, I thought; why not do a haul? So, here is what I picked up:


I didn't even really need to go in this shop, I was just walking past and thought I would have a nose. I found these really nice pastel colours which I thought would be nice for spring and summer. 

26 Breezy - £5.00
21 Heavenly - £5.00
22 Sugar Blue - £5.00

Im excited to try all of these; I'm on the look out for the perfect blue shade and hopefully it is in this lot that I've bought.


I have heard a lot about gel nail varnish and good it is, so when I saw these in Superdrug, I decided to pick some up. I also really like the Kate lipsticks; so I'm hoping that the nail varnish is just as good!

042 Rock N Roll - £5.99
012 Soul Session - £5.99
021 New Romantic - £5.99

So here I picked up some more pastel and nude colours, plus a new red one because my other red ran out haha. I think the baby pink shade looks gorgeous and I will definitely be bringing it on holiday with me this year :)

I saw Tanya Burr's section and then I saw her nail varnish collection. I just think these two colours are gorgeous and I had to give them a go! The darker colour is more of a light brown; it just came out dark in this photo. I think it will be perfect for nights out and the purple-blue shade is just so pretty for summer. 

Penguin Chick - £2.49
Fairy Godmother - £4.99

Even the names of these colours are cute haha. I have already tried the brown shade out and realised that to get the full colour, you need to apply at least 2 coats; but it is perfect! The colour was gorgeous and it easily came off with my remover; so I wasn't there for ages scrubbing at my nails before work haha :')

Last but not least; I picked up this little Max Factor nail varnish because I thought it was a lovely shimmery blue, and as I said before, I'm on the look out for the perfect one :)

14 Dazzling Blue - £4.99

I think I will use this on special occasions if I do like it, because it is so small;; but the colour does look perfect for summer :)

As I said, I tried one of the Tanya Burr ones already and absolutely loved it; so definitely go and pick some up! 
Next time I will leave myself more time to do it properly, because I was rushing when I did these and don't you just hate it when you accidentally hit your nail on something and then all of the varnish is like pushed in one direction so you have a massive gap and then a load all gathered up and then you have to start again? Yeahh, that's what happened with my other hand, only I had no time to fix it, so I just had to go over it and hope it looked alright haha. 

So, that is my little nail varnish haul. Think it is safe to say I have enough to last me quite a while, and that isn't even a quarter of my whole collection...


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