Introducing Amy | My Best Friend

I know I have mentioned Amy before, but I have never really said that much about her or our friendship etc; so today I thought I would carry on my 'Introducing' series by introducing her properly. I have shown you my dog Sammy in a previous post which you can read here: Introducing Sammy | My Golden Retriever

I met Amy on the bus home from school in year 9. We had been in a few classes together but had never really spoken or anything. Funny story; we met because of a guy haha. Basically, I had seen this guy on my bus a few times and I thought he was good looking. I don't know how the conversation started but Amy was telling me how she knew him and would pass my number along. From that day, we started getting the bus together to and from school with her sister Kelly and a couple of other girls who I grew close to.

We would text literally every day, go on MSN - does anyone remember that :') - and Skype or oovoo; as well as spend hours on the phone and in group calls every night. We became best friends really quickly; spending loads of time together in London or going around different parks and nature walks to take photos. We would also meet up each break and lunch time in one of our form rooms to either copy homework or catch up. 

We have so many memories together; too many to fit in one blog post! Like, we went to school together, we travelled around the city, we went on our Duke of Edinburgh expedition together, as well as going on The Challenge together too; so I'm sure you can imagine the amount of memories we have! 

But to sum us up; we tell each other everything, we can talk about anything, and even if we don't see or speak to each other for a while, it is as if it has only been a day. This kind of friendship doesn't come around often and I am so glad that we met because she has literally been there for me through everything; and after all of this time - we have never had an argument and she is the one person who I have never been annoyed at haha. 

Throughout our school days, we did get in a bit of trouble because we used to stay up so late watching Family Guy and American Dad or just talking to each other, so we would leave all of our homework till like 4am which we obviously didn't finish! We also may have skipped one or two days of school to avoid lessons which we got in big trouble for. So my bit of advice is: if you are behind on work, talk to your teachers, don't try and avoid it! 

For sixth form we went to different schools, but we still kept close and in contact and these are photos of us from my 18th birthday last year :) I know the first one is really bad quality but most of our photos together are silly ones haha; we'll have to start taking some nicer ones. 

Another really bad quality selfie; but this is us a few weeks ago when we went to Westfield in London and then went out for dinner. It was such a lovely day out and we had loads to catch up on! 

This year we are going on our first holiday together to Gran Canaria which we are both so excited for! It is the perfect time to go as Amy is going to uni next year and I don't really know how we would work around that etc. 

So yeahh, that was my little introduction of her. You know you get those best friends that you know you will sooner or later split apart from, but then there is that one person who you know you will still be meeting up for lunch with when you are like 60 haha :') That person would be Amy for me. 


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