Mac Lipsticks

For ages, I have been wanting to add products from Mac to my collection; I just never really had the money. But now guys, I have popped my Mac cherry haha :')
I picked up these three lipsticks after about an hour of going through all of the shades that they had in the store, and I love them.

Ruby Woo - £15.50
Cherish - £15.50
Whirl - £15.50

Firstly, I love the packaging for these lipsticks. They are sleek, elegant and modern; things which I definitely go for. 
I also love how pigmented they are. The colour brightens up your lips and stays on all day, so they are perfect for any type of occasion. The colours that I chose are very different but I feel like they are each perfect for different things. 

Do you ever get the feeling with new lipsticks that you don't actually want to start using them as you will ruin them? 

I have already worn out the Cherish shade to go with my nude looks, and I highly recommend it. The colour is gorgeous and goes really well with pale skin. I am excited to try out the other two shades when I get the chance! 

Although they are on the more pricey side, I suggest that every girl should have at least one of these lipsticks in their make-up bag as they are just beautifully designed and look amazing; definitely worth the money. I will be going back to the store soon I am sure, to try out some other shades :)

So yeahh, these are my latest additions to my lip product collection, and they have already taken the top positions! 

I know I am a bit behind with the times - trying these out haha, but better late than never ay?


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