F.A Cup Final 2016 | My Wembley Experience

The reason that I set up my blog was to create a visual diary and thoughts bank for myself and others to read and hopefully enjoy. I also add in some hauls and beauty posts too because it is something that I love and am interested in. So today I thought I would share my Wembley experience with you as I have never been to a place like it before and it was actually a really good day! :) 

I really didn't know what to expect, so I decided to go for a more casual look so that I kept warm and I was comfortable. So I am wearing a white turtle neck thin jumper with 3/4 length sleeves and my dark grey jeans. I also wore my blazer and vans. 

I had my nails painted with Tanya Burr's Penguin Chick nail varnish and wore my infinity necklace and leaf patterned ring. 

I kept my hair and make-up simple as I have to admit, I was running a bit late haha; plus I just wanted the more natural look. So, this is me and my brother ready to go!  

Basically, we had to get a bus to the train station to get to London Victoria to get the tube. As we were a bit late, we ended up having to run for the bus, but we didn't make it in time and it drove right past us! So yeahh, that was annoying, but we walked a bit and picked up the next one. 

When we finally got there, we bought some Crystal Palace merchandise as that was the side that we had gotten tickets for. So we picked up a program, a jester hat and one of those big foam hand things haha. We also had our tickets ready to go, so we started to make our way to the entrance so that we could get some pictures in the stadium. 

Everyone got a flag on their seats which was a nice touch, and we had to get a few pictures in there before the whole place flooded with people! I have to say, we were VERY high up and my fear of falling kicked in as soon as we got to our seats, but the view was amazing! 

The Crystal Palace fans had set up this little display with the blue and red flags and the giant eagle image because that is their mascot. To be honest, when I saw it at first, I did not think it was an eagle haha, but after my brother told me, it did make sense. 
Tinie Tempah was the opening act for the match and the whole display was amazing with the floor design, the band, the dancers, the fire and the stage that looked like the F.A cup. 

After they had cleared everything away, the players came out and the match started. I don't know much about football so every 5 minutes I was asking my brother "Why did he do that?", "What was wrong with that?", "WHAT IS GOING ON??" haha, he must have been thinking oh my gosh Paula, please be quiet :')
It was really exciting though; the atmosphere was amazing, the match was really close right until the end and I was really into it; on the edge of my seat and everything! 

The match ended up with Manchester United winning 2-1 against Crystal Palace and seeing the ceremony at the end with the confetti and everything was a nice finish. We then decided it was time to get some dinner as we hadn't eaten in about 6 hours at that point and we thought that the tubes would be packed if we had left straight after the match. 

So basically, my brother said that the restaurants were just around the corner, so we walked round the right of the stadium, and and we got there, we realised we had done a 360 around the whole stadium, when we could have just gone left and been there in 2 minutes. Ahh well, exercise ay! 

After searching around for a while; trying to find the shortest queue, we decided to go to Pizza Express. I had pink lemonade, garlic bread and a pepperoni pizza which was all really good. 

When we had finished stuffing our faces, we went back to get the tube to Victoria and then got the train and bus home. 
After a long and busy day, we were both shattered and went straight to bed; especially because I had work the day after! But it was a really good day out; I thoroughly enjoyed myself and encourage you to go to a football match or something else that you had never thought of trying before; because it could surprise you :)


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