Photography Portfolio 2 - Big Cats

Photography is one of my main hobbies; I love taking photos and capturing different moods and emotions in an image. This can also work with animals; as I have tried to show in these images that I took on a trip to The Big Cat Sanctuary with my family a few years ago. Animals are very interesting creatures as they cannot communicate the way that we can; so we can only tell how they may be feeling through their expressions and body language. I especially love big cats as they are beautiful, intelligent and I also find them very cute haha; with tigers being my favourite animal overall!
I will be posting a few portfolios that I have put together over time. My first one was about Dance and how it can be portrayed in a still image. If you want to check it out then follow this link >>> Photography Portfolio 1 - Dance.

Anyways, here are my photos that I took throughout the day :)

A nice mixture of Lions, Cheetahs, Snow Leopards and other species; both big and small. The last image is of a species of cat that I have never seen or heard of before, but it was unusual and unique, and the way that it stared straight at me as I took the photo just makes me laugh when I look back at it haha. I also like the second photo as I caught the (Cheetah??) showing it's teeth. As you can see, the different cats are all behaving in slightly different ways and creating different moods; which is what I was hoping to capture. 

Also, looking at how siblings were acting with each other intrigued me, as I have heard that animals behave in similar ways to humans. I found that they were inquisitive; coming out of their little den to see the visitors. They also played with each other, fought with each other and were just adorable :') One of my favourite photos of the day is the one above, with the little lion cub yawning. It's just so cute!

This is my favourite photo that I took that day. I managed to completely blur out any bars that were in the way which I was quite proud of, and I managed to capture the dominance and maturity that the alpha male has. This is a White Lion; the father of the cubs that I showed you earlier. In the enclosure, he was sitting on the highest part of their climbing frame, and was just looking out into the distance as his cubs and mate played together on the ground. So I was just happy with the way that this photo came out :)

The last cat that we saw that day was this Black Panther. As you can probably tell, he wasn't in the best of moods; he kept growling and walking around. I am surprised that I managed to take this photo! I am pleased with it though; his eyes really stand out against his dark fur. He definitely looks as though he wants to kill someone though haha. 

Thats my second portfolio that I have to show you :) This is probably one of my favourites as it reflects more of my interests than some of the others, and it was done in my own time, not for a school project or anything, so it is something that I truly care about and have a passion for :) Hope that you liked them!


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