My Lip Product Collection

I have previously shown you guys my mascara collection, which I have actually added to now haha, but I like these kind of posts where you can see what brands people have bought that are for the same use. You can read my other collection post here: My Mascara Collection.
As it is winter, and I feel like I am caring for my lips a lot more at the moment, I thought this time I would show you my lip product collection so far :) I have to say though, some of these are from when I was like 12 and had no idea what products were good haha :') 

Lip Balms

I use lip balms all the time! At the moment, my lips can become so dry and chapped because of the cold weather, and also because sometimes I don't really drink enough so I get dehydrated, so I have to save them with these :) 

Starting from the top left:
  • Love your lips lip balm - Raspberry Smile
  • Superdrug 'the little red tin' lip balm - Strawberry
  • Boots lip salve - Strawberry
  • M&S lip balm - Wowee Berry
  • Labello - Fruity Shine
I basically only use the little red tin now, because the others were just cheap and crappy really. But I have to say, the label strawberry flavour smelled so nice, but I finished my one and can't seem to get it anywhere! :(
I do highly recommend the little red tin though, because they are affordable, smell lovely and they are really moisturising. 

Lip Gloss

I don't really use lip glosses anymore because I feel like they just go all sticky and they annoy me. I just used to use them when I was like 10, because I felt all grown up wearing a bit of make-up haha :') 

From the top left again:
  • Colour Unlimited lip gloss - Baby pink
  • Collection Pure Gloss - Sweetie 9
  • Colour Unlimited lip gloss - Plum
  • Markwins International double-ended lip gloss
  • Barry M Glossy Tube - Strawberry
If you do want to buy yourself a lip gloss, I would recommend the Barry M one as it is the best that I have come across; not really sticky and it lasts quite a long time. I do use it from time to time, when I have run out of lip balm haha.

Lip Pencils

As you can see, I don't own very many of these haha. I got the little silver pencil in a massive make-up kit that I bought in Makro when I was about 12, and the other one I picked up because the lady in Boots said that it would go nice with my skin tone. But before that, I never really bothered with pencils or liners.

  • Markwins International lip pencil
  • No7 Precision lips pencil - Nude
I do use the No7 pencil every time I apply lipstick now, just because I feel as though it looks nicer, and that way I have basically drawn a good outline haha.


I never really used to be into wearing lipstick because I never really thought that I could find the right colour for me. But now that I know a lot more, I absolutely love them! I am always looking out for new ones to try and I am going to be building up this part of my collection a lot more! 
I will actually probably have to do a lipstick collection before long haha. I definitely have a few Mac ones to try :)

From the top left again:
  • Markwins International lipstick - Light Brown
  • Markwins International lipstick - Berry
  • Markwins International lipstick - Red
  • Markwins International lipstick - Light Pink
  • Halloween costume lipstick - Black
  • Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color double-ended lipstick - Nude
  • Rimmel London Kate Lipstick - 107
  • Rimmel London Kate Lipstick - 45
  • Little Mix Lipstick - Jesy
  • Kiko Rebel Romantic lipstick - 05
  • No7 Moisture Drench lipstick - Sugar Plum
All of the Markwins International products are from the Makro make-up set; all of which I never used because they were such bad quality. However, I do now use the really nice case to hold all of my nail varnishes :) £20 well spent Paula...
I really don't like the Maybelline liquid lipstick as it seems to rub off straight away, so I think I'll be sticking to using the standard lipstick from now on.
The bottom row of lipsticks I would really recommend though :) They are either really pigmented, have a lovely colour, last long, and are all really good value for money! I especially love the Rimmel London ones, so definitely try some of those out if you haven't already :)

So, that is my lip product collection at the moment; some of it dating back years so I probably should just throw it away haha, but I hope I have inspired some purchases as I definitely get some of mine from these kind of posts :)
Hope you are all having a lovely week so far :)



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