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I thought instead of creating a post about me so that you guys can get to know me a little more, I would create a new page so that newer readers can still find this when my posts start to build up, otherwise a post about it would just be pushed further and further back. 
So this page is going to hopefully let you have a bit more of an insight into all things Paula I guess haha.

I love being creative, whether that is behind a camera, with make-up or hair products and accessories, with fashion or with literature and art. So now that I have left school I haven't really had the opportunity to let my creative side out, which is why I decided to set up this blog as I have always loved looking through other blogs and seeing how others style their clothes or how they do their make-up. 
I live at home with my Mum, Dad and Brother in Greater London at the moment; with a full-time job to earn myself a bit of money. I love reading, (I'm a bit of a geek in that sense haha), but I just love the fact that I can pick up a book and just become completely lost in it for hours; it truly is a great escape when I need it. 
In terms of beauty and fashion which my blog will be mainly based around; I do like to experiment, and I don't believe in sticking to trends. Of course I look at what the current "in thing" is, but I feel that you can wear whatever you like, if that is what represents who you are, which is what I love about it - it is a way of showing people who you are, even if they have never met you before. So yeahh, I try out different make-up brands, hair colours, products, styles etc, because it is something that I enjoy; seeing what works for me.

Anyways, instead of me writing an essay which I felt could get a bit long and boring, I thought that I would do the "50 Things About Me" challenge, which I think will be a more interesting way for you to learn all the weird and funny things about me! :) 

So, here goes......

  1. I'm 5'4"
  2. My starsign is Aries
  3. My favourite number is 4
  4. My favourite colour is blue
  5. I don't like chocolate
  6. I love big cats; especially tigers
  7. My favourite movie genre is Horrors
  8. I am a bookworm
  9. I have a fear of falling
  10. I say "lol" out loud, instead of actually laughing
  11. I love Chinese food
  12. I buy loads of candles, but don't light them
  13. I bruise like a peach
  14. Roses are my favourite flower
  15. I used to be part of a disco/street dance group
  16. Gran Canaria is one of my favourite places
  17. My eyes appear to change colour from Green to Hazel
  18. I always twirl my hair; since I was little
  19. I'm double-jointed
  20. I have seasonal freckles
  21. I won a tennis tournament; won a medal and tennis racket
  22. My favourite alcoholic drink is a Sex on the Beach cocktail
  23. I daydream/zone out A LOT
  24. I eat round edges of things like sandwiches/burgers first, then the middle
  25. I hate all insects 
  26. I don't swear
  27. I really dislike fried egg, lettuce and shepherds pie
  28. At Nandos I order Lemon and Herb on the spice chart thing
  29. It is impossible for me to tan, I've tried everything except fake tan!
  30. I will only eat melted cheese
  31. I have to have the same number/colour of sweets on each side of my mouth
  32. I tend to have an order of how I eat things
  33. I can be a really bad replier, I apologise for this, I don't do it on purpose
  34. I hate mud or anything dirty, I am a bit of a girly-girl in that sense
  35. I've been in hospital 4 times for operations
  36. I will say sorry, even if something wasn't my fault
  37. Talking about medical things makes me feel faint (blood tests are a nightmare!)
  38. I cannot be the only one eating when I am with others
  39. My phone is always on silent
  40. I need to have my alone time
  41. No body part can be hanging off the bed
  42. I have 4 tattoos and 3 piercings
  43. I can tell when someone has been in my room
  44. When I was younger I wanted to be a Mermaid or a Vampire when I grew up
  45. I have to write down everything because I have such a terrible memory
  46. I was part of the Girls Brigade/Girl Guides until I became a Ranger
  47. I am terrible at making decisions
  48. Even on playlists I've made, I'll still skip to the same few songs
  49. My all time favourite song is "Celebrate the Summer - Lacuna"
  50. I love London

So yeahh, thats quite a lot about me :') if you have anything weird/funny about you then feel free to tell me about them! I love learning things about people and it would be nice to find out a bit more about you guys too :)

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  • Instagram: @paulamarieee

  • Twitter: @PaMarieee


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