Review: No7 Airbrush Away Primer

I love No7. I have been using their foundation, primer and lipsticks for a few years now, so when I saw this new Airbrush Away primer, I picked it up straight away. It definitely didn't let me down!

The tube looks really nice, but professional at the same time. It does look like something from Photoshop; the way that the blue fuses into the grey, and I think that it is a good change from just a standard block colour tube. There is also quite a lot of product, so you won't need to keep going back to pick up a new one as you only have to use the tiniest bit on your face. 

The name of the product Airbrush Away really reflects the product itself as when I think of airbrushing, I picture a photo of someone's skin being polished and smoothed out so that there are no visible pores or imperfections. When I apply this to my face, my face is left feeling so much smoother and a lot more even, so it is as if I have just been photoshopped myself! 

In comparison to the previous primers that I have used (No7 Stay Perfect and Rimmel Fix & Protect), this one is so much better. Although the stay perfect primer was my go-to for such a long time, it was quite pastey and thick, whereas this one is super lightweight and is more like a thin cream which I prefer. The Rimmel primer didn't work for me as it was quite a wet one which didn't agree with my oily skin at all. My make-up would rub off and just not have the matte effect that I am used to and like. Whereas this primer almost sinks into your face and becomes part of your skin, just perfecting it. So when I apply my foundation now, it sits perfectly all day and has the matte finish. 

The only thing that I would say is that there is no SPF in this primer which there was in the others. However this isn't that big of a deal for me as my foundation has SPF so there is enough protection there. Also, if you do have oily skin then you may not like it as this primer does feel like you are rubbing oil onto your face; however it has worked for me and I have really oily skin in places, so I guess it would be something you would just have to try and see for yourself. 

Applying this primer is so easy as it disappears into the skin as soon as you start to rub it in, to the point where you can't even feel the product beneath your fingertips. It may be hard to believe but it blew me away when I first tried it! It is as if you are just rubbing your face....I don't know how they made such a product. It leaves my face with a nice glow so my skin is lit up before putting on foundation and concealer. 

So overall this new primer is the perfect base for my make-up, allowing it to stay in place and perfect all day. For £16.50, you do get your money's worth, especially since you only need a small amount each day. It is one of those products that I don't mind spending a bit more on as it is quite an important player in my make-up routine, and this one definitely does what it says on the tin....or tube :) 

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that is on the look out for a new primer to try! 



  1. I did not know they had a primer! In shops in Canada, they only have the skincare ranges, so I'll definitely have to look more into these. Great review x

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

    1. Neither did I until I randomly spotted it one day haha! Thankyouu :) x


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