Family Break At Butlins

As my Brother had to stay in the country to enrol at his college, we had to have a split family holiday this year. So, for the second part, we decided to take a trip to Butlins. 
I have never been to any kind of holiday park or family activity place like Haven or Butlins, so I didn't really know what to expect; but I was looking forward to the new experience. We were there for about a week and there was so much to do; activities ranging from amusements to live bands! 

The one thing that I would say about Butlins is it is very much on the pricey side. We decided to go for an apartment and for the amount that it cost, it was quite basic. Nonetheless it did meet all the requirements as we were only there for a small portion of the day. It was a cute little place; kind of reminded me of the holidays where we stayed in a caravan :)

During the days we would generally go round the complex, playing games of pool or going on go-karts or dodgems. My dad also won me two teddy bears - Sooty and Sweep - in a darts game, so I was happy haha. 
Inside there were also loads of arcade games where you had the chance to collect tickets and redeem them for a prize. By the end of the week we had over 10,000 tickets! We got quite a few little gifts out of that haha :)

Once again, I definitely enjoyed the food and was back on the children's menu by the end of the week as I was so full. The cheesy garlic bread was so nice and I also tried macaroni cheese dippers for the first time and loved them too. Once again, the food was a bit pricey but definitely enjoyable! 

In the evenings, we would get dressed up, go for dinner and then go into the main room to watch the evening entertainment or enjoy the late night disco and some drinks. I do love these kinds of evenings with entertainment as it reminds me of when I was younger and I used to be one of the little kids at the front, dancing and singing the night away. 

On one of the days, we took a trip out to Bognor Regis to sit on the beach, go on the pier and check out the market and the town. It was such a lovely day, so the sun was making the sea glisten and look beautiful, the weather was perfect and it was really peaceful and not too busy, which was a bonus haha. We had ice cream, went to a little bar which had just opened up and had a drink, and also bought a few bits at the market. I did try to walk along the pier, but it was one of those ones where the wood panels have gaps in between them and it didn't feel very sturdy, so my fear kicked in and I had to turn back. 

A few of our friends from Gran Canaria came down for a day and just went round the amusements and had a drink with us which was lovely. I also spent an evening or two revising for my management exam which was coming up the week after we got back, and my boyfriend came down on the last day to see everyone and pick me up as we had a work event to go to.

Overall it was a really good week, full of activities and things to do so there was never a dull moment. It was nice experiencing Butlins and I would like to try the other holiday parks like it; however I think I would only go for a weekend because of the price haha! 


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