Escape To A Vintage Devon Lodge

Each year, my family chooses a different country to go and visit for our Summer holiday, however this year it was different as my brother had to stay in England to be able to go and pick up his GCSE results and enrol at his college. So we decided to have two mini holidays in different parts of England; the first being Devon. 

My Mum had booked us into a Signature Lodge which basically looked like a caravan park but with lodges instead. Our one was so cute and had a real vintage feel to it which I LOVED. It was really open and spacious with a bright colour scheme, and it had a jacuzzi! The lodge was in quite a secluded location with only a local's bar and an Indian Restaurant nearby, so we had to drive around each day for things to do and places to eat, but as we were so tired when we arrived, we opted for the nearby options. 

On the first full day, we went on a drive to the town and then made our way to Dartmoor. We went to Hound Tor which is an area of rocks where we walked through to visit the remains of a medieval town, so of course I shoved on my walking boots. 
It was so interesting to see as the plots of land that used to be houses seemed so tiny and they were just made of rock. It is amazing to think about how people used to live and I wish that there had of been more information about it there. 

The second day we went to Torquay which is a seaside town much like Brighton or Bournemouth. We walked around, had a browse in the shops, had crepes and watched a man doing sand art and it was fascinating! We were very lucky with the weather on both of the days which is something that I don't get to say very often in England haha. But Torquay is a lovely place and I definitely want to go back there at some point :)
The only thing that I didn't appreciate was the amount of seagulls. There weren't as many as there are in Brighton, but one poo'd on my Dad's shoe which was RIGHT NEXT TO ME and that was a little too close for comfort; so I decided that that was enough of the seaside for me for one day haha. 
Also, I realised that my white jeans were way too big for me and when we got back I checked and it turned out that they were a size 14 whereas I am a size if they look really baggy in these photos then that would be why! Oh well, that's an excuse to go shopping right?

Before we left I decided to jump in the jacuzzi for a bit with Luke and just relax with the bubbles before I missed out on the chance; little did I know that my Dad had ordered a jacuzzi for our back garden! These tubs are so relaxing as the jets really help to massage your muscles, so I'm so excited to try out our one :)

The food that we had was all lovely. I realised that I had had quite a bit of fish over the few days haha, but oh well, fish is good for you :) 

These lodges are a really relaxed and cute getaway for a couple of nights and I really love Devon, so I may find myself visiting here again at some point! But that was the end of this part of our break; so I was looking forward to the next part which was Butlins - another new experience for me haha.



  1. Look like you had amazing time ^^ I especially like house decoration :) It's really cute and from smile on your photos, I can tell you really enjoyed this x

    1. Yeahh the Lodge was so pretty! And I did have a lovely time, thanks :) x

  2. These pictures are gorgeous <3 I really want to have a weekend break to Torquay, it looks really lovely! xxx

    1. Aww thankyouu :') Yes you definitely should! It's lovely there xx


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