A Week In Gran Canaria

This year, me and Amy decided to go on holiday together and as I was already going to go to Gran Canaria for a week, she just decided to join me :) This was my first holiday without my family so I was really excited to be going and having to be independent and do everything for myself. I was also really excited about spending the week abroad with my best friend because, who wouldn't? 

The journey there was hectic to say the least! We had a morning flight so we got to the airport for about 8am so that we could get checked in and chill for a bit without rushing. We grabbed a few snacks to keep us going as we had two flights to get there; one to Madrid and the other to Gran Canaria. The plane journeys were smooth and they played TV programmes which were probably meant for kids, but Amy seemed to enjoy them haha. However, getting on the planes was a nightmare. The first flight was delayed because it had technical issues which took about 2 hours to fix. This then made us almost late for our connecting flight, so we needed to run through Madrid airport to make it on time. The funny thing is, when we got to our gate, we realised that we were boarding the same plane that we had just gotten off of! Quite annoying, but we can laugh about it now ay.

We stayed in Bahia Blanca, a complex that me and my family have stayed in since I was about 10. The rooms have just been updated so we arrived at a lovely, modern apartment after hauling our luggage up about ten flights of stairs haha. We had air conditioning which we basically kept on 24/7 and the bed was so comfortable. By the time we got there, it was early evening so we just went out to get some dinner and then went to the supermarket to get breakfasts and water etc. When we got back, we were so tired that we just went to sleep! 

The next day, we just went downstairs and chilled by the pool as we both just wanted to go home with a tan. I introduced Amy to some of my friends and we just laid in the sun chatting. Now, normally I don't lay with my face in the sun because I get too hot and I don't really like that, but for the purpose of building a base, I did. So, when I got up to go and get a drink and some food, I suddenly started to feel woozy and lightheaded. I suffer with this quite a bit so I know that all I need to do is lay down in the cool for the feeling to go away...so I put my shoes on and started to head towards the bar. At this point everything went black and I had muffled hearing, then I stumbled and landed on someone's sunbed. I remember opening my eyes for a bit and seeing someone speaking to me, but I couldn't hear and just closed my eyes again. Then people came over to give me water and help me lay down and basically give me first aid. I was so embarrassed! So basically, always keep water by you in case you start to feel faint! I was fine a minute later as I am used to it, so then I just got up and went to get something to eat and drink :)

I decided to show Amy the spa down by the beach on the Wednesday as although it is a bit pricey, it is such a relaxing place to chill and eat or drink all day. There is a pool, jacuzzi and treatments that you can book yourself in for. We decided to get a massage as I have wanted to get one for ages as I have never had one before. I have to say, it kind of hurt to begin with as the lady was digging into by back to try and release the knots, but afterwards I felt so relaxed and my stiff back was gone! This day was so relaxed and chilled, so we went back feeling refreshed and ready to go out that evening :) 

Of course we had to take some snapchats haha! So basically, most nights we went out with my friends to one of the bars in Puerto Rico to have some drinks and shisha in the party atmosphere. The drinks out there are so cheap and their alcohol measures are probably double what they are in England haha, so we had some very good nights. 

We also went to the waterpark in Maspalomas which I love going to each year that I go to Gran Canaria. On one of our last days, we went on jet skis out at sea as well. I was so scared that I was going to fall off that I was going at about 2mph and almost stopping as I was going around corners haha. I basically had to peel my fingers off of the handles as they were gripping so tight! 

This was some of the food that I ate whilst over there. We went to Chinese buffets, steak houses, Irish cafes and even home cooked some food. As you can probably tell, the food in the top right corner is mine as I managed to burn the bacon because I didn't know how the electric oven worked haha. All of their food is amazing over there, and I think I put on weight even though I had to go down to the kid's menu by the end of the week haha. 

On our last night, our whole group went to play a game of mini golf down by the beach. We go to this course every time we go as we always have a laugh and because we are all so competitive! 

I had such a great time over there and I really didn't want to come home as the week went way too quickly. I think the next time that I go there, I will definitely have to go for at least 10 days! The weather was so nice and even though I got very weird tan lines and Amy's luggage got lost for a few days on the way back, we both didn't want it to be over. 

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays! 



  1. These photos are gorgeous, it looks like you had a great time! Where is Gran Canaria?
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Thankyouu and yeahh I definitely did! :) It is part of the Canary Islands near to Africa xx

  2. Sounds like you've had a lovely time in Gran Canaria, hun! I'm considering going there myself next year, with my boyfriend to celebrate our anniversary. <3 I'm loving all the sights, and the food looks delicious! :) <3


    1. You should definitely go! Such a lovely place for couples with entertainment, activities and a pretty decent night life! :) Yes, the food is one of the best parts haha x

  3. These photos look absolutely gorgeous and I feel as though I want to get on a plane now haha! I am so glad that you're okay and that you had an amazing time x

    1. Aww thankyouu! And yeahh it was such a good week :) x


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