Life Update | September 2016

Well, another few months have gone by where I haven't posted anything on my blog and I apologise because I have been meaning to; I've made lists and had photos all ready to go....I just haven't sat down and actually written them up. So much time has gone by and a lot has happened. So I just wanted to write a diary style post explaining everything that I have been up to :)

First Aid Course / Losing My Phone

Back in July, my work booked me on a first aid course as part of my promotion to manager. I went with one other person from my store and travelled up to London for three days to learn everything about what to do in situations ranging from allergic reactions to third degree burns. 
I learnt a lot over the three days and I actually found it really interesting. I met loads of new people from other stores and also got my qualification at the end of it which lasts for three years! To pass, you had to do a written exam and then a demonstration which included CPR. So we had to give mouth-to-mouth to a dummy called Annie haha. 

Each morning I would wake up, get ready and then leave the house by around 7am to get there in good time. I got there by tube and then took a bus from the station. The days were long and tiring and I'm not a very good morning person haha, so on the second day I was already shattered and travelling with one eye closed.
All I remember from this bus journey was that I put my phone down to eat my breakfast quickly on the bus to avoid those awkward stomach growls, and then getting off at my stop. As I got off, I went through my bag to get out my phone, at which point I realised that I had left it on the bus. I tried running after it but I couldn't catch I slowly walked into the room where the course was being held and broke down in front of my friend. I was so distraught and angry at myself for not being responsible or careful. I called my phone and then my mum and explained what had happened and although I went round to the bus station and police station, I found that it had been stolen so we had to cut the phone off. I can't actually explain how I felt; I know some of you may think that it was just a phone, but that cost me around £600, plus the thousands of photos and memories that had been lost with it :( 
After getting in contact with my insurance company, I had a replacement sent to me which ended up being the better version to the phone that I had lost, so now I have the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium :) 
Lesson learned - always check the seat before you leave the bus or any other method of transport! 

Getting Promoted

I don't think I have mentioned before, but I work in McDonald's and I have done for the past 3 years now. I joined back in September 2013 and since then I have been promoted to Crew Trainer and now Shift Manager! I am going to do a separate post about my work and what it is like etc but this is such a big change in my life as I have qualifications and I have a lot more responsibility and it is definitely something that is out of my comfort zone, which I will need to adapt to. 
I am really excited to get started as I never thought that I would get this far - to be honest I was surprised when my manager said that I was getting promoted to Crew Trainer, let alone Shift Manager haha! :)


Over the Summer I went on 4 holidays both with friends and family. First, I went to Gran Canaria with my friend Amy which was the first holiday without my family. I absolutely love Gran Canaria; I have been quite a few times, so to take my friend there and introduce her to my other friends was amazing. Then I went to Devon and stayed in a lodge with my family. We had to stay in England this year as my brother was getting his GCSE results and had to enrol at his college. Towards the end of August I went to Butlins in Bognor Regis with my family as the second part of our holiday. We were so lucky with the weather as we all know what England can be like sometimes haha. Then last week I went to Center Parcs with a group of friends from work. Again, we were so lucky with the weather as it did stay dry and wasn't really that cold. 
I had such a good time in all four places; they were all so different and I have a lot of photos and memories to take from them :)

Mini Shopping Haul

A while ago, I went shopping and got myself a few bits for these holidays as I realised I didn't really have many clothes that fitted me or that suited the places that I was going. So I thought that I would include a mini haul and let you guys know where I got everything from :)

  • Zoella Bath Latte - Superdrug - £6.00
  • Zoella Fizz Bar - Superdrug - £5.00
  • Zoella Life Bag - Superdrug - £6.00
  • Brush Cleaner - Superdrug - £6.99
  • Revlon Brush - Superdrug - £10.99

  • Face Masks - Boots - £1.00
  • Simple Eye Roll-On - Boots - £5.19
  • Sure Deodorant - Superdrug - £1.68
  • Colgate Toothbrush - Superdrug - £1.99
  • Foot Scrubs - Superdrug - £8.50

  • Hoola Bronzer - Boots - £23.50
  • Rimmel Jumbo Eye Liner - Superdrug - £5.49
  • Rimmel London Eye Liners - Superdrug - £5.29
  • Clarins Lip Comfort Oil - Boots - £19.00
  • Set Of Clear Bags - Superdrug - £5.99

  • Bikini Sets - Asda - £13.00
  • PJ Dress - Primark - £4.50
  • PJ Checkered Dress - Primark - £8.00
  • Layered Playsuit - Primark - £10.00
  • Printed Pattered Dress - Primark - £10.00

  • Patterned Playsuit - Primark - £8.00
  • Belted Jumpsuit - Primark - £17.00
  • Printed White Blouse - Topshop - £32.00
  • Printed Cropped Blouse - Topshop - £30.00

So that is my little catch-up post done, I hope that you all had a great summer and I promise to stay on top of my posts haha! 

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