I Have Started A YouTube Channel!

I have been watching YouTube videos for many years now. It started with channels such as Fred and now I watch all channels from Caspar Lee to Zoella. I love spending time watching vlogs, seeing the latest trends or just looking at hauls to get inspiration for birthday presents haha, and for a long time I have wanted to become a part of this online video community, which I haven't been confident enough to do until this year. 

I am 19 currently and I have a full time job, I'm studying to become an interior designer, I have trips and holidays planned throughout the year, I spend a lot of my free time with my friends or boyfriend and obviously I have this blog as well as all the other social platforms I am a part of. So as you can see I have a pretty busy schedule; yet this is something that I really want to do, so I have gone and created a channel for myself! 

My idea is to make my little space on the internet somewhere that people can come to cheer themselves up (probably by laughing at me haha), to learn something new and to get to know me. I want to make this a hobby of mine where I can just come home, film anything and everything that I want to and then hit upload. Whether that is a make-up look, a challenge, a haul or just a little chit-chat; I just basically want to have fun. I have already got a few videos up which you can go and check out by clicking on any of the photos in this post! :) 

I will be uploading once a week which I have actually managed to stick to so far, although they haven't been uploaded on the same day each week....haha. But I think that the day I will be uploading on will be Sundays from now on as then it gives me a chance to film a video at some point during the week! 

I am honestly so excited for this new journey that I have embarked on and I've even got a notebook full of ideas of videos that I want to make. I never thought that I would have the confidence to talk to a camera, edit a video and then upload it; not knowing who could come across it and what kind of reaction I would get. However, I decided that 2017 would be the year where I did something that I wanted to and not be worried about what anyone else thought, so that is exactly what I am doing! 

If anyone wants to be a part of my YouTube adventure then subscribe to my channel and wait to see a lot of weird, fun and (hopefully) entertaining content from me! :) 



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