Working For McDonald's


At the age of 16, both me and my parents decided that it was time for me to get myself a part-time job to earn myself a little extra pocket money and to start building up my CV for when I left sixth form. So, I went round all of my local stores and applied to places online but I wasn't really having any luck. That was until my boyfriend at the time suggested that he recommend me at his workplace; which was McDonald's. 
Of course I agreed and a few days later I had an email sitting in my inbox from the Business Manager, inviting me to an interview. I didn't know what to expect, so I chose my most formal clothes and tied up my hair, which I NEVER do haha, and walked - trembling - in to meet my (hopefully) new manager. I have to say, I don't know what I was worried about because he made me feel really relaxed, talking about my hobbies and asking what days I would be free to work etc. 
Anyways, I passed the interview and was offered a part-time job. Who knew that I would still be working there, full time, 3 years later! 

I started as a Crew Member on the headset on Drive-Thru. I remember my first day, watching my trainer greet the customers, take their orders and then send them to the next window. I remember being so scared to press the button when it was my turn that he had to do it a few more times before I plucked up the courage to finally do it myself; and when I did,  I remember having a little burst of confidence - something that I really lack in. 
From that day, my confidence grew and grew, to the point where I started to train new people and give other people tasks to do. This then gave me the opportunity to become a Crew Trainer. I never thought that I would get promoted as I was always quite a quiet person, however I jumped at the opportunity to help myself grow more as a person and also help myself grow in this career. Being a Crew Trainer meant that you had more responsibility in regards to training and leading areas. This forced me to become more confident around big groups of people and I can really tell the difference. Of course, I still have a way to go, but I am getting there. 
A few months ago, I was offered another promotion to Shift Manager. I was over the moon that my managers thought that I could do it, despite being more quiet than others, and I jumped at that opportunity too. The course was really interesting and gave me a much bigger insight into McDonald's, which I liked. I am also first aid trained and have level 3 qualifications now, thanks to this promotion. I was so scared on the BSM course as I didn't want to fail and despite everyone saying that I would do fine, I didn't believe in myself at all. But in the end, I came out with honours (90% or more), and had to have my picture taken haha; but I was really happy. Being a Shift Manager means having a lot more responsibility and having to lead a whole team of people on a shift, deal with complaints and make sure that your store is kept clean and safe. It has really put my confidence to the test and although I still need to be louder in terms of speaking out more on shifts, I feel like I'm doing an alright job, and I'm enjoying it, a lot. :) 

In April this year, I was given Employee of the Month. Things like this are great when you are working as you know that your work has been recognised and appreciated. So, in the little pack that they give you, you get a £10 voucher, a little certificate, a pen, a new badge, a keyring, a notebook and an eraser. I just think that it is a really nice idea, and I smiled when I was given it haha. 
Since then, I have also been nominated for Employee of the Quarter, which allowed me to meet new people who work in stores around the country - most of which I had never heard of haha. It was another nice bit of recognition and I think that McDonald's have got it right, as I'm not sure what other companies do things like this. 

At any job, you will meet people and make new friendships. At McDonald's I have formed loads of friendships with people, to the point where we even went on holiday together. It is a really nice working environment and I have met some lovely people who I can trust will be there for me, and who I can be there for as well. 
It isn't like those jobs where you only know your team and you may bump into other people at the coffee station and get to know them that way; here, you know your whole store as you work different shifts and get to know everyone. There are also crew events which allow people to mingle and get to know each other more which I think is a good idea. 

Overall, this job has allowed me to grow a lot as a person. It has brought me out of my shell a lot more than school and sixth form ever did. I was so shy when I was younger. To the point where I wouldn't even put my hand up in class to respond to a question, even when I knew the answer and no-one else did. I find it really hard to speak loudly or shout over people but at McDonald's you have to communicate loudly; you have to shout to the kitchen to ask how long your plain double cheeseburger is going to be, you have to shout to make sure that someone knows that you need shake mix. So this job has really helped me in a way that I didn't think that anything could and although I still stay quiet in meetings because I feel uncomfortable just blurting out my views in big groups, I am in charge of the welcome meetings for new crew members which puts me in a position where I have to do just that, and it is slowly helping even more. I really appreciate this job for that. 

It is a place where two days are never the same, and you are always learning new things. I like this as it means that I don't get bored or stuck in a rut where it is just the same thing, different day. You also get to work with a range of different people as McDonald's is a very diverse place to work, which I find really important and a nice aspect of working here. 

Although when I was 16, I was only looking for a part-time job, I have stayed here for 3 years now and I am planning to stay here for a lot longer to see where it can take me, as it is a job that I enjoy and I love the people that I work with. 
Even though people still have their views about working for McDonald's, they have never tried it so they don't know what it is really like and what you can really gain from it. So, hopefully I have managed to give a little more insight into it! :) 

Anyways, I have to get ready for work now haha, hope you all enjoy your weekend.


Review: No7 Airbrush Away Primer

I love No7. I have been using their foundation, primer and lipsticks for a few years now, so when I saw this new Airbrush Away primer, I picked it up straight away. It definitely didn't let me down!

The tube looks really nice, but professional at the same time. It does look like something from Photoshop; the way that the blue fuses into the grey, and I think that it is a good change from just a standard block colour tube. There is also quite a lot of product, so you won't need to keep going back to pick up a new one as you only have to use the tiniest bit on your face. 

The name of the product Airbrush Away really reflects the product itself as when I think of airbrushing, I picture a photo of someone's skin being polished and smoothed out so that there are no visible pores or imperfections. When I apply this to my face, my face is left feeling so much smoother and a lot more even, so it is as if I have just been photoshopped myself! 

In comparison to the previous primers that I have used (No7 Stay Perfect and Rimmel Fix & Protect), this one is so much better. Although the stay perfect primer was my go-to for such a long time, it was quite pastey and thick, whereas this one is super lightweight and is more like a thin cream which I prefer. The Rimmel primer didn't work for me as it was quite a wet one which didn't agree with my oily skin at all. My make-up would rub off and just not have the matte effect that I am used to and like. Whereas this primer almost sinks into your face and becomes part of your skin, just perfecting it. So when I apply my foundation now, it sits perfectly all day and has the matte finish. 

The only thing that I would say is that there is no SPF in this primer which there was in the others. However this isn't that big of a deal for me as my foundation has SPF so there is enough protection there. Also, if you do have oily skin then you may not like it as this primer does feel like you are rubbing oil onto your face; however it has worked for me and I have really oily skin in places, so I guess it would be something you would just have to try and see for yourself. 

Applying this primer is so easy as it disappears into the skin as soon as you start to rub it in, to the point where you can't even feel the product beneath your fingertips. It may be hard to believe but it blew me away when I first tried it! It is as if you are just rubbing your face....I don't know how they made such a product. It leaves my face with a nice glow so my skin is lit up before putting on foundation and concealer. 

So overall this new primer is the perfect base for my make-up, allowing it to stay in place and perfect all day. For £16.50, you do get your money's worth, especially since you only need a small amount each day. It is one of those products that I don't mind spending a bit more on as it is quite an important player in my make-up routine, and this one definitely does what it says on the tin....or tube :) 

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that is on the look out for a new primer to try! 


Family Break At Butlins

As my Brother had to stay in the country to enrol at his college, we had to have a split family holiday this year. So, for the second part, we decided to take a trip to Butlins. 
I have never been to any kind of holiday park or family activity place like Haven or Butlins, so I didn't really know what to expect; but I was looking forward to the new experience. We were there for about a week and there was so much to do; activities ranging from amusements to live bands! 

The one thing that I would say about Butlins is it is very much on the pricey side. We decided to go for an apartment and for the amount that it cost, it was quite basic. Nonetheless it did meet all the requirements as we were only there for a small portion of the day. It was a cute little place; kind of reminded me of the holidays where we stayed in a caravan :)

During the days we would generally go round the complex, playing games of pool or going on go-karts or dodgems. My dad also won me two teddy bears - Sooty and Sweep - in a darts game, so I was happy haha. 
Inside there were also loads of arcade games where you had the chance to collect tickets and redeem them for a prize. By the end of the week we had over 10,000 tickets! We got quite a few little gifts out of that haha :)

Once again, I definitely enjoyed the food and was back on the children's menu by the end of the week as I was so full. The cheesy garlic bread was so nice and I also tried macaroni cheese dippers for the first time and loved them too. Once again, the food was a bit pricey but definitely enjoyable! 

In the evenings, we would get dressed up, go for dinner and then go into the main room to watch the evening entertainment or enjoy the late night disco and some drinks. I do love these kinds of evenings with entertainment as it reminds me of when I was younger and I used to be one of the little kids at the front, dancing and singing the night away. 

On one of the days, we took a trip out to Bognor Regis to sit on the beach, go on the pier and check out the market and the town. It was such a lovely day, so the sun was making the sea glisten and look beautiful, the weather was perfect and it was really peaceful and not too busy, which was a bonus haha. We had ice cream, went to a little bar which had just opened up and had a drink, and also bought a few bits at the market. I did try to walk along the pier, but it was one of those ones where the wood panels have gaps in between them and it didn't feel very sturdy, so my fear kicked in and I had to turn back. 

A few of our friends from Gran Canaria came down for a day and just went round the amusements and had a drink with us which was lovely. I also spent an evening or two revising for my management exam which was coming up the week after we got back, and my boyfriend came down on the last day to see everyone and pick me up as we had a work event to go to.

Overall it was a really good week, full of activities and things to do so there was never a dull moment. It was nice experiencing Butlins and I would like to try the other holiday parks like it; however I think I would only go for a weekend because of the price haha! 


Review: YSL Mon Paris Perfume

I have to say, I didn't have any intentions of purchasing this perfume when I walked into Boots a few months ago, but there was a really in-your-face kind of stall right at the entrance so I thought, why not just see what it smells like? So I sprayed some on one of those little tester cards and I immediately fell in love! I literally could not stop sniffing it for the whole time that I was in there; I must have looked a little bit crazy haha, but it just smelt SO GOOD!
I didn't think that any perfume would replace my beloved Midnight Rose, but YSL have gone and done it :) So, as I seem to review any product that I am raving about, I thought that I would spread the love here. 

First, let's talk about the packaging. I think that the subtle pink with the black and gold writing goes beautifully together, and also matches the perfume itself. I think it looks very mature and something that a businesswoman would pick up. 
I love the bottle as it is simple but very sweet with the addition of the bow; something that hints towards the actual sweet and fruity scent of the perfume. I feel like the packaging was very well thought of and is something that also helped to catch my eye in the first place :)

The perfume is quite a fruity and sweet one, so if that is what you are looking for, then this may be the perfume for you! There are definite hints of berries, limes, pears, quite a zingy orange tone and a tiny hint of vanilla. Perfect for all seasons! The overall feel that I get from this perfume is that it is very feminine, but it is sophisticated, mature and a very clean and fresh scent too! 

This perfume is meant to be inspired by Paris - the city of love. This means that the scent is a romantic one, which is probably why it is so head-on. I have to say, it is one of those perfumes which makes people smell you before they even see you, which personally, is something that I look for. It lasts very well as I can still smell it on myself all day and on clothing like scarves days later. The other day, I put it on as I was going to my boyfriend's house and the first thing that he said as I got out of the car was "you smell nice", as the scent came rushing out with me as soon as I opened the door. This just shows how much this scent carries and how powerful it is; as well as how nice the smell is haha :)

I would say that it is more of a daytime perfume, but there is nothing stopping you from wearing it out at night with a little black dress and some heels!

This cost me £68.00 in Boots which I thought was a really good price as you don't need to put much on due to it being such a powerful scent. This means that it will last me ages which is another thing that I love about it! Definitely worth the money :) 


Escape To A Vintage Devon Lodge

Each year, my family chooses a different country to go and visit for our Summer holiday, however this year it was different as my brother had to stay in England to be able to go and pick up his GCSE results and enrol at his college. So we decided to have two mini holidays in different parts of England; the first being Devon. 

My Mum had booked us into a Signature Lodge which basically looked like a caravan park but with lodges instead. Our one was so cute and had a real vintage feel to it which I LOVED. It was really open and spacious with a bright colour scheme, and it had a jacuzzi! The lodge was in quite a secluded location with only a local's bar and an Indian Restaurant nearby, so we had to drive around each day for things to do and places to eat, but as we were so tired when we arrived, we opted for the nearby options. 

On the first full day, we went on a drive to the town and then made our way to Dartmoor. We went to Hound Tor which is an area of rocks where we walked through to visit the remains of a medieval town, so of course I shoved on my walking boots. 
It was so interesting to see as the plots of land that used to be houses seemed so tiny and they were just made of rock. It is amazing to think about how people used to live and I wish that there had of been more information about it there. 

The second day we went to Torquay which is a seaside town much like Brighton or Bournemouth. We walked around, had a browse in the shops, had crepes and watched a man doing sand art and it was fascinating! We were very lucky with the weather on both of the days which is something that I don't get to say very often in England haha. But Torquay is a lovely place and I definitely want to go back there at some point :)
The only thing that I didn't appreciate was the amount of seagulls. There weren't as many as there are in Brighton, but one poo'd on my Dad's shoe which was RIGHT NEXT TO ME and that was a little too close for comfort; so I decided that that was enough of the seaside for me for one day haha. 
Also, I realised that my white jeans were way too big for me and when we got back I checked and it turned out that they were a size 14 whereas I am a size if they look really baggy in these photos then that would be why! Oh well, that's an excuse to go shopping right?

Before we left I decided to jump in the jacuzzi for a bit with Luke and just relax with the bubbles before I missed out on the chance; little did I know that my Dad had ordered a jacuzzi for our back garden! These tubs are so relaxing as the jets really help to massage your muscles, so I'm so excited to try out our one :)

The food that we had was all lovely. I realised that I had had quite a bit of fish over the few days haha, but oh well, fish is good for you :) 

These lodges are a really relaxed and cute getaway for a couple of nights and I really love Devon, so I may find myself visiting here again at some point! But that was the end of this part of our break; so I was looking forward to the next part which was Butlins - another new experience for me haha.

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