Review: Toni&Guy Dry Shampoo


We all have those days where we wake up late and don't have time to wash our hair or we have an unexpected visit or offer and have to quickly grab a dry shampoo to spruce up our hair and save it from the flat or dull look. I have tried a few brands such as Batiste and Pantene and now I am trying the Toni&Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo just to see what it is like and how it compares to others I have tried. 
As I have now used it on a couple of occasions and have built up my views on it, I thought it was about time for another review :) I hope you guys like these and find them useful as I definitely do when I am thinking about trying a new product! 

I picked this up from Superdrug for £1.48 which I thought was such a bargain! This is what initially drew me to this one as I have to say, I didn't have much money left in my account but my other one ran out so I had to buy one :') 

I love the packaging as it is simple and I like the design. It doesn't scream "Dry Shampoo" to everyone who sees you using it as it just looks like all of their other hair products which I also liked. I think it looks like a really professional product, but that may just be because of the brand haha. 

I apply this to my hair by lifting up little sections and spraying a decent amount to my roots; shaking it between sprays and holding it about 15cm away from my hair. This means that the spray covers a large area and doesn't leave those obvious white specs that you get from some dry shampoos. This is normally on either day 2 or 3 after washing my hair, so it just looks flat and dull - I don't let my hair get insanely greasy so I don't know how good this product is with that. 

I then massage the product into my scalp and then brush it out, leaving my hair looking light, clean, soft and bouncy. I can definitely tell the difference in volume as soon as i brush through my hair. It looks more full of life and as if I have just washed my hair; it's brilliant! 

Throughout the day I don't really notice any changes to the condition of my hair which I think is amazing as I don't have to stress over my hair looking greasy or anything! It also feels really soft and fluffy - like I would imagine a cloud would feel like haha. It just feels really healthy and not hard or dry like some products make it feel. 

Overall I am really happy with this product; especially for the price! It does exactly as I would hope it would do and it lasts all day. It really does bring my hair back to life and makes it look fresh and clean. I would highly recommend this brand if you are looking for one or want to try a new one :) 

I think I will be repurchasing this instead of trying a new one as I think I have found one that works well for me.

What is your favourite dry shampoo? 


Review: Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil


I have wanted to buy this lip oil for so long as I have heard so many good things about it and I have seen it been used and reviewed by so many people on YouTube. I also needed something that would help my lips to look a lot brighter and healthier, so I finally decided to go to Boots and give it a go! 
After trying it I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions about this product so that if any of you have still not tried it then hopefully this would help with your final decision :) 

First impressions were that I absolutely loved the packaging! I think that it is really cute and a perfect size for your handbag or even your pocket if you don't want to bring a bag out. I just think it looks really classy with the gold lid and everyone asks me what it is when I take it out. I also love how the bottle is see-through so you can see the bright red oil inside. It makes the bottle stand out and it looks so pretty :) 

The next thing that I noticed was the gorgeous scent as soon as I took off the lid. I chose to get the 03 Red Berry one because it just looked like a really nice colour and I could only afford one. It is one of those strong scents that is also subtle and doesn't attack your nose; the perfect balance. I just loved it! 

I thought that the applicator would be one of those normal sized thin ones that you get with a standard lip gloss, but when I took it out of the bottle I found that it was really big, which I liked as I find the standard ones too small and annoying haha. It is the perfect size for my lips.

I then applied a small amount to my lips and it instantly made them really bright and shimmery. My lips looked so healthy as the red oil brought out their colour and just made them stand out and glisten. With lip gloss I find that they can often be sticky and uncomfortable on the lips, but that is not the case with this lip oil. It doesn't feel like there is anything on your lips; they just feel a lot softer and they are not dry at all. I just couldn't stop staring at them in the mirror as they looked so pretty I have to say haha! 

I left the oil on overnight as I didn't see why I should have to remove it. In the morning I woke up and my lips were in the exact same condition as they had been before I went to sleep. Still shiny, soft and looking really healthy :) 

So, I would highly recommend this product as after only a couple of tries, I am in love with it and I will definitely be purchasing the other 2 in this range! My lips feel like they are in a much better condition than they were a few days ago and I will be using this every day from now on! 


Maybelline: Lash Sensational vs. Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara

Maybelline have brought out a new version of the Lash Sensational mascara and since I LOVE the first one, I was really excited to give it a try as I figured that it would be a new and improved version of the product that I am already obsessed with. After now trying both mascaras, I have decided to do this post so that you guys can hear about my thoughts and the differences that I found between the two :)

Okayy, so first things first is the packaging. Maybelline have decided to keep the same style for this version, but switch the colours around. I guess this is just so that you can distinguish between the two. I do like the black packaging more as I feel the pink writing stands out and it just looks more elegant on the whole. So, so far so good. 

The next thing that I noticed immediately is the change of the shape of the brush. 
The original one is curved with one side having longer bristles that help to separate every lash and coat them evenly, and the other side with shorter ones which I found helpful when coating the bottom lashes. The curve allows the brush to follow the shape of your eyelid so that you don't touch your nose or get mascara all over your face which I sometimes did with straighter brushes haha. It also helps to really fan out your lashes so they have more volume and bring out your eyes more. 
Now, the new brush is straight with it getting thinner towards the tip. This helps when coating lashes of different lengths; however I feel like the loss of the curved brush was a bit of a step back. Also, I noticed that this brush is really flimsy, as in it bends as you are applying the mascara to the point where I am afraid that it is going to break off! The quality here is definitely not as good as the original one I have to say. Also, the loss of the longer bristles was also a bit of a shame as I found that really useful when coating my outer and longer lashes. 

Now for the actual application of the product. 
With the lash sensational mascara, I found that the whole application process was really quick and simple. You could coat as many layers as you liked and it just added more volume and thickened the lashes for a darker look which had more impact; without any clumps! This was perfect and probably my favourite thing about this mascara. It dried really quickly and didn't flake off or feel too heavy on my lashes. I loved it! 
Now, with the luscious version, it is a whole different ball game. As soon as you apply one coat, the product feels really wet and as though you have put about 100 coats on at the same time. It literally never dries so it is constantly rubbing off onto your clothes or your eyelids etc. I just find this whole experience really hard work! Your lashes clump and stick together so your nails get covered in black as you try you help separate them and then when you have finally sorted that, your lashes feel really heavy and uncomfortable as the product is just so thick! Literally, half way through the day I was getting so frustrated with it that I had to take it off. 

So I have learnt that new does not mean improved at all. Although the packaging is so much nicer and more elegant in my opinion; do not be fooled! Maybelline have definitely not been able to top their amazing Lash Sensational mascara yet.

So, after just one try of this new product, I have gone straight back to the one that I know and love :) 

I hope that this comparison has helped if you have been thinking of giving this mascara a go. I would say that it isn't worth the money or the switch as the original one is just so much better :) 

If you guys have tried this or are still going to then let me know what you thought/think! 


Juggling Work, A Blog And A Social Life

We all know that life can sometimes catch up on us and we find ourselves too busy to see friends and family or to update our blogs and stay connected. Over the past few months I have finally found my perfect routine so that I can juggle everything and never neglect my three most important things; work, my blog and my social life. This obviously works if you go to school or college instead of work too :')
I figured that everyone can sometimes find that they haven't got time for things, so I thought that I would share my tips and what I do to make sure that I find a balance :)

Make Lists

I really underestimated the power of lists! I mean, I have always loved making them, but I never really made them for organisation purposes. So, now I write a list of everything that I need to do each day and sometimes write times so that I keep to a schedule so that everything gets done. 
I find lists to be really practical and also satisfying when you get to tick something off. If I write lists, it almost motivates me to get everything done on time haha; very useful things! 

Schedule Posts

Whenever I finish a shift early or I have a day off and I have no plans, I do a few posts at a time and schedule them. This means that posts automatically upload whilst you are out or doing whatever you are doing. 
I find that this has saved me so much time as I get into a rhythm and complete like 5 posts in a short space of time. I also feel like it gives me extra days off where I can go and see my friends and not worry about leaving massive gaps between blog posts. It also helps as I can work around my shifts and write posts when I have the time! :) 

Plan Posts In Advance

This is a bit like scheduling posts, but basically, I have a diary (the Life Book in the photo above), which has a grid calendar section. Each square is a different day of the month and this is spread across a double page. I find these to be perfect for seeing the whole month planned out instead of having to flick through pages and pages if each day is separated. 
What I do is I plan out all my posts for the next month by writing the title and a little note for what I want to write about or what photos I want to include. 
This means that I can write chunks of posts at a time as all my ideas are ready and I don't have to spend ages trying to think of things. This has therefore saved me so much time and has allowed me to relax and go out more! 

Have A Diary

All you need is a little pocket diary like my blue one above, and you are all set and organised for the whole year! 
If you have a diary, you can write what shifts you have or what homework is due when, any days or nights out with friends or family and what posts need to be up when. This way, you can plan when posts need to be written and when other jobs can be done. This is basically the perfect way to manage your time and you will find that your life is a little less of a mess haha :') 

Colour Coding

Does anyone else find this super useful? I find that highlighting things or writing things in different colours can really help you to prioritise your jobs and therefore help you to manage your time. As you can see, I have invested in a mini pack of highlighters and a multi-coloured pen to help me with this. The colours brighten up my pages which helps me to complete tasks for some reason haha, and also helps me to complete important jobs first, so that nothing is left too late! :)

So, those are basically my ways to help organise and prioritise my time and tasks, which enables me to have a balance between my job, my blog and my friends and family! I hope that this helps you if you ever find that you are rushing or stressing to get things done. 

If you have any other tips then feel free to let me know! They could help me even more :') 


Review: 7th Heaven Peel-Off Face Masks

If you love a bit of 'me time' and like to put on face masks and just chill watching a movie or sitting in the bath, then you will enjoy this review post :) 
One day like a year ago, I was in Boots just picking up a few bits when I spotted these colourful little packets hanging up in one of the aisles. I decided to pick one up and give it a go that evening as I had never had a face mask before but the idea of a quick peel-off one sounded good to me! 
I have been using these ever since then; my favourite being the Cucumber one. Since I love them so much, I thought I would get my opinions onto my blog so that you guys could try them too.

The company that makes these are Montagne Jeunesse and they are the 7th Heaven face masks. 
There are a few types of masks to choose from that suit all skin types. On their website, you can answer 3 questions about your skin and what you want to get out of it and they will recommend the types that are best suited for you. I have normal/oily skin so they recommended the Mud and Peel-Off masks to me :) If you want to try this little quiz out then this is the webpage: Which Facemask?

Peel-Off Masks

I have only tried these masks from their range so far, but I love them. When you open the packet, a thick liquid is inside which you spread evenly across your face. Trust me, there is more than enough in one packet for your whole face as I find that if you layer too much on then it doesn't fully dry within the 20 minutes, making it still gooey when you are trying to peel it off, therefore it doesn't work as well. So just put a thin layer all over your face, keeping well away from your eyes, lips and hair, then just relax whilst it does its magic :)

As you are laying there relaxing for about 20 minutes, you can feel the masks becoming tighter on your face as it dries. It is such a weird but oddly satisfying feeling haha :') 
When you are finished, just simply peel off the mask and then splash your face with water and apply your moisturiser etc. You can actually see all the dead skin cells come off on the mask, so it definitely works! 

After I have had one of these masks on, my face feels 100 times cleaner than it did before as I feel like the mask has given it a really deep clean. It is also softer and a lot more radiant, as well as feeling more fresh! This is why I love these, as they are so simple to put on and take off, they are only on for 20 minutes and you can actually see the work that it has done! 

There are so many different ones to choose from, but as you can see I have picked up the Hanuka Honey, Cucumber, Passion and Tea Tree ones :) 
I have tried the passion and cucumber ones before, but I am really looking forward to trying the others! Each one is made from different natural ingredients which I find amazing as it means that they are all for different purposes. Some help with freshness and to remove dirt and grime, others help to give a deep clean and protect your skin. So you can definitely find what you are looking for :) 

They recommend that you use one of these face masks each week so that your skin is kept feeling healthy and clean, and as Boots sell them for only £1, they are very affordable! :) 

Different Types Of Masks:

  • Mud Masks - For the ultimate deep cleanse
  • Peel-Off Masks - To instantly purify and refine
  • Sauna (Self Heat) Masks - Self-heat to instantly open pores and hydrate
  • Exfoliating Masks - For a polished glow and a pore deep cleanse
  • Fabric Serum Infused Masks - To instantly revive: refresh and refine skin
  • Fabric Clay Infused Masks - For the ultimate mess free beauty boost

As you can see, there are loads of different types to choose from, with each type containing loads of masks of different scents or uses! Just check out their website: 7th Heaven, to find the ones that suit you! I highly recommend these as I just love them so much and I love how you can actually see the results! Plus they are really cheap haha :') 

This company uses all natural ingredients and are against animal testing. This means that you know you can trust these products and all of the information is on their website. They also do products for other places on your body such as your hair, eye and nose, body and feet. So definitely give them a try! 

Just to say, no-body has asked me to do this review; I am just showing you guys something that I love using as that I think you would too :) I hope that these products are something you would be interested in giving a go, or maybe you already have! 

I have to get ready for work I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! I may actually put one of these masks on later haha :') 


Boutique Of Molly Haul

A few days ago I was contacted by the lovely brand Boutique Of Molly via twitter because they had seen my blog and wanted to work with me and wanted me to try and review some of their items. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity as I looked at their site and oh my gosh, I literally loved it all! Stylish, colourful and perfect for Summer; which also turned out to be great timing as I needed to start picking up bits for my holiday haha. 

So here is my mini haul of the pieces that I chose to buy and review. Obviously all opinions are my own! :) 

'Sarah' Off The Shoulder Playsuit

Price: £34.95

I love this playsuit. I think in general this style is perfect for Summer, just lazing around or for little day trips. They are cute and stylish and this one really caught my eye. 
First of all I love the colours! White reflects the heat so you won't boil in this haha, and the little blue tassels just add a Greek feel to it which I love. The material is very good quality so I won't be worried about it ripping or getting destroyed during the day. It is also quite light so you won't get all hot and sweaty in it haha. I also like how it doesn't cling to you anywhere; it gives you breathing space which I think is ideal for Summer! It also is a nice length too as I feel conscious if clothes are a bit too short; but this is perfect for me. 
I am really looking forward to wearing this one as I only have one other playsuit at the moment and I just think it will be perfect for the Gran Canaria climate! :) 

'Sia' Slinky Lace Jumpsuit

Price: £29.95

This is probably my favourite out of the three items! I love jumpsuits as I feel like you can wear them out during the day, or to dinner in the evening; they are so versatile! :) 
When I saw this on their website I was like oh my gosh this is gorgeous! I love the contrast between the colours and the floral design; I just think is so pretty and so suited to Summer. The material is also really lovely too; it is like a light silky kind of fabric that is really airy so you won't boil. I just can't help stroking it haha :') 
I love the lace-up detailing on the front as it is different to anything I have worn before and it really does look nice. There is an elasticated waistband as well which means that it is brought in at the waist and doesn't just hang straight down. I like this as it means that it gives you more of a figure. 
So yeahh, this is definitely my favourite and I cannot wait to wear this either! It will be going in and out of my wardrobe a lot this Summer haha.

'Coco Open Back Full Skirt Mini Dress

Price: £34.95

I was a bit anxious to buy this one as it meant really going out of my comfort zone. I don't really show off much skin other than legs and arms, so trying an almost backless dress was a challenge haha. But now that I have bought it, I really like it :) 
I feel like this dress would be better for evenings out as it looks quite dressy because of the colour scheme and the style. I like the thick straps as I feel like thin ones get on my nerves quite a lot haha :') 
I love skater skirts so this dress really appealed to me because it had that style at the bottom with a more fitted top section. It is really comfortable, light and airy and although it is quite a simple design, it really does attract the eyes haha. This material is a bit thicker as well, which is why I said that this may be suited more to the evening when it has cooled down a bit, but it doesn't cling to you or make you feel too hot and sweaty, which is good :) 

Overall, I am so happy with these items and I will definitely be wearing them throughout the upcoming months! I wouldn't recommend wearing a bra with any of these outfits though as you would be able to see it and I don't think that looks very nice... Maybe a strapless one or something that doesn't show but yeahh, something to watch out for! 

If you do want to have a look on the Boutique of Molly website then click here to have a browse and buy anything you like the look of! :) 
Then tag your selfies with #BOMselfie as they love to see how you style their outfits and want to know how much you like them! 

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul and liked the look of these outfits from this brand as much as I did when I was looking! 


25 Summer Blog Post Ideas

We are well and truly into the Summer months now, despite the lovely rainy, stormy, bitterly cold weather that we are currently experiencing in England haha. I sometimes find that I am stuck for ideas of things to write about on my blog when I want it to link to the season or a particular holiday, but this Summer I have been bursting with ideas so I thought that I would share some of them with you guys if you ever find yourself stuck for things to write about :)

These ideas are some of the ones that I have already done or may do in the future. They are ones that are linked to Summer or generic ones that you can twist to make them more summery!

  1. Recipes
  2. Summer make-up look
  3. Outfit of the day
  4. Share any holiday photos or any days out that you had
  5. Summer playlist
  6. Summer reading list
  7. Instagram round-up
  8. Hand luggage essentials
  9. Travel bucket list
  10. Summer hair styles
  11. Share any memories or stories from summers when you were little
  12. Host a picnic or summer party and blog about it
  13. Your summer go-to make-up items
  14. Travel tips and essentials
  15. Create a goals list that you want to complete over the summer
  16. Summer morning and evening routines
  17. DIY projects
  18. How you style certain clothes such as maxi skirts etc
  19. Vlog a day out and link it on your blog and write about it! 
  20. Summer favourites
  21. What's in my bag?
  22. Reviews (sun creams etc)
  23. Movies that you are going to see this summer
  24. Hauls
  25. Give ideas of what people can do this summer

Those are my 25 ideas for things to write about on your blog this summer! This should definitely keep you busy for a while if you have no ideas haha.

I hope this posts helps, and any ideas that you guys have, feel free to leave them below! :) 

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